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    HELP!!! Building an army...

    Ok I'm new and want to come up with a nice army. THis is what I'm thinking so far:

    Blessed Weapon or Eviscerator
    Book of St. Lucius
    Cloak of St. Asliira
    Jump Pack

    *2 10 women SOB squad, but I don't know what setups each w/ rinos

    *Seraphim w/ 5 women
    Twin Inferno Pistols x 2
    Melta bombs

    *2 Imperial Guard Armored Fist Squad, 10 men each; but what set-up

    *Leman Russ Battle Tank

    So that is my idea so far. I'd like to try to make it a 1000 pt army if possible, maybe help me cut out some and add better? I'd like to have WH & IG, but if much better, maybe SOB & Inquisitor.

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    It looks like you've got a good start on ideas. You could make a few solid 1000pt lists out of those things..

    for the cannoness, Blessed Weapon, jump pack, cloak, book, frags, and bolt pistol is a good setup.

    in SoB mounted squads, I used to very strongly advocate HFlamer / meltagun combo, with a VSS and a Book. I'm starting to lean more towards Hflamer/flamer combo, since it really does kill a lot of infantry. The meltagun is very nice to have if you need to pop a tank though.

    Seraphim, use a Vet. Sister Superior, and don't take meltabombs, put an Eviscerator on the VSS. for tankbusting and for Terminator busting, the 2inferno pistol 3BoltPistol 1Vss with Evisc. squad is mean. Esp when you consider the VSS lets you use 3 dice for faith, and the Evisc. makes the squad a threat to infantry as well as vehicles. Your Inferno pistols are your main tankbusters, the Evisc. is for insurance.

    I find inducting guard works best once you get a strong 1000pt WH force. perhaps if you're playing 1500pts, try two Armored Fists to get a Russ. At 1000pts, go with two Exorcists. I also highly recommend a shooty Inq. retinue.

    at 1000pts I usually am running:

    Jumpy cannoness:
    Blessed Weap, Bolt Pistol, Cloak, Frags, jump pack

    2 Sob Squads:
    1Vss with bolter and book, 7Bolter, 1Hflamer 1flamer
    rhino w/extra armor and smoke

    2 Exorcists w/extra armor

    then I either do:
    1 DemonHunter Inq. Lord w/psycannon
    2 Hbolter servitor, 1 Plas Cannon Serv., 2 sage, 1mystic

    or I'll do:
    Seraphim, 1VSS with book, pistol, and evisc. 2 inferno pistols, 3Bolt pistols

    I've had good luck with those lists. Especially in Cities of Death. I've been very fond of the Inq. retinue lately. It throws so much firepower for around 200pts, and the sages let you re-roll the plas cannon burning itself... invaluable.
    check out Farmpunk's blog:
    the Back 40k

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