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    SoB vs Dark Angels

    Alright, I have a game coming up against an opponent who plays Dark Angels and I was wondering what people would suggest to go up against it. From what I understand he uses the new Master of the Ravenwing, bikers, space marine squads with heavy weapons and terminators. The game's point value is at 1500 points so I have some optinos.

    I am currently using a SoB only army but I am not 100% opposed to using non SoB models, although I would like to try and stay with SoB. I was thinking that Repentia might be good against Deep Struck termies but I'm not sure how well they would stay alive. I'm also unsure as to how to handle the master of the ravenwing, please offer any suggestions, strategies, or anything else that comes to mind.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm. I'd still handle those variants about how I'd handle a lot of Space marines. The part you gotta watch out for is the high movement.

    I recommend using 3 Exorcists. The missiles are meant to kill Termies, and instakill most special chars. They also chew up normal marines.

    I also recommend Mounted sister squads with Hflamer/Flamer to use Diving guidance. DG can put a lot of hurt on marine squads. Especially if you put 2 DG squads on one of his.

    Part of the trick with a highly mobile force is getting them to come to you in a way you can react to bring maximum firepower to bear on them. Sacrificial squads can be used for this. You want him to win the CC on his turn, and be left in the open for your shooting. tricky tactic, but rewarding if played right.

    I wouldn't use repentia. If you want a counter charge unit for CC, use arco-flagellents. They can tear up termies with their large amount of power weapon attacks. their inv. save is nice to have too. Celestians with an attached priest and eviscerators on the VSS and priest can do the job, but I like Zealots a bit better, as there can be 5 Evisc. with plenty of wounds in the squad.

    A Shooty Demon Hunter retinue with Psycannon Inq, Plas cannon, 2HBolter, 2 sage, and a mystic is terribly nasty combo for anyone who deep strikes in. Since the mystic let you have a free shot as soon as the deep strike lands. I love watching peoples jaws drop as the realize their deep strike strategy to be all over my army gets severely hamstrung by a low point cost henchman.

    anyway, those are some ideas.
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