Alright, so a good friend of mine has A F***ING Hugh amount of OLD space marines stuff. we did a short inventory the other day and bare MINIMUM troops are like 20 terminators, 60 tactical squad marines, 10 veterans, 2 dreadnoughts, and an array of various tanks, in addition to the makings of 2 modest 5-man devistator squads.

for those who can't count, thats 20 (well 30 technically speaking) troops shy of a FULL MAIN BATTLE COMPANY.

Now heres the really coo part, 1 tactical squad and Most of the 2 devistators squads consist of PLASTIC models from the days of rouge trader. Thats right, Mark VI armour, spiky shoulderpads, beaky helments and all. or is that Mark V? I forget. Also, the heavy weapons on these guys, well, THERE IS NO comparison of the new heavy weapons and the old ones. actaull there are as the newest ones are a retro version that resemble the OLD OLD ones a bit.

2 other tactical squads are the plastic guys who came in the second edition box set. they are cheap, no frills, not possable, and very plastic.

One of the dreadnoughts is an old sckool set that as best i can call is a 'Furiousos' dreadnought, except before they really had rules for a furioso. it had 2 powerfists, 1 storm bolter, 1 bolter, and it looked really odd. Previously I had only seen such a dreadnought in the second edition rule book. they weren't selling them when i got into the game.

There are 2 tactical squads from third edition game, the new plastic possable ones. That leave one squads that will have to be an older hybrid pewter-plastic squad. big deal...

This "battle company" will have pretty much every model type and armour type that Games workshop has ever mass produced for 40k i believe. One catch, the owner of this company doesn't like painting, and I don't either, not on that scale. But i believe i have found a meathod for painting on a large scale with minimal skill required, it involves losts of spray painting, ink washes, and no-frills dry brushing. after that paint the guns black, dry brush them gun-metal, and call it done. the wash will take care of any detailing like eyes or skulls or anything that i don't want to take care off.

Anyway the point of this whole endeavor is A, make these troops he has playable. B, make a really retro looking army (even the predator is OLD old skool&#33. C, fill out the force orgainization chart so my friend can throw in a couple baneblades he has lying around as a second detachment. and finally, for me at least, to Stick it to GW! aside from paint costs, this entire army is FREE, or at least already paid for. by using second hand models and models most people find to primative to consider feilding any more this plastic platoon will not add a dime to the pockets of the curent incarnation of GW. hehe, I'm a bastard.

Oh yeah, and the ENTIRE army, all of it, will be perfectly tourny legal, well except for possible the baneblades... All the models are WYSIWYG, they are all GW models, NO ONE can compalin, and most veterans will see this army and be so striken by nostalga for the good old days that they will lets the army over run them for old time's sake :lol: