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    Help against dark Eldar!

    I field what I thought was a fairly strong Blood Angels force, but my friend plays a SCARY dark Eldar army! I haven't won a single game yet :-( I managed to get his army list, here it is...

    HQ: Dravon, Reaver jetbike, power weapon, TH, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field,Gruesome Talismans

    Elites: 7 x Wyches, 1 x Succubus, Agonizer, Wych weapons, Raider

    Troops: 7 x Warriors, 1 x Sybarite, punisher, Tormentor Helm, Splinter cannon, blaster, Raider

    7 x Warriors, 1 x Sybarite, punisher, Tormentor helm, splinter cannon, blaster, Raider

    10 x Warriors, 2 Dark Lance

    10 x Warriors, 2 Dark Lance

    10 x Warriors, 2 Dark Lance

    F. Attack: 5 x Reavers, Succubus, agonizer, 2 x Blasters

    5 x Reavers, Succubus, agonizer, 2 x Blasters

    5 x Reavers, Succubus, agonizer, 2 x Blasters

    H. Support: Ravager, 3 x disintegrators

    Ravager, 3 x disintegrators

    This Army is SCARY fast and keeps wiping out my rhinos AND my assault squads, mainly with his ravagers and his 10-man sniping squads, and his wyches are vicious. What do I do?!?

    Who needs a gun when you've got Criss Angel?

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    I would counter such a list by superior firepower. Though he fields quite a lot of it.
    The list you posted should be at least 1,750 points. Enough for you to get some heavy bolters. The easiest bet would be to stay stationary with a lot of heavy bolter devastators and (heavy) bolters toting tactical squads. Of course this doesn't fit your Blood Angel fluff too well, besides the fact that you are very limited when it comes to variable squad strengths (a 5-man devastator squad isn't really the ubersquad, while a 10-man squad is insanely expensive).
    Whatever you do: try to have some heavy bolters at hand and let him come at you. Maybe even drop those rhinos you have entirely. The heavy bolters can lay waste to any of his models, including his skimmers. Try to target and down the transports first.
    An army focused too much on close combat will just be outrun, outshot and then in carefully chosen locations outassaulted by this list.

    Sorry for being quite general. Hope those comments inspire you anyhow.

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