Well, for a variety of reasons, the most prominent being Frantz Fanon (if you don't know, I'll be happy to explain in a private message), I am interested in building an army of guerillas, revolutionary paramilitary units, terrorists and the like.

I think that Catachans would be the perfect army for such a thing. But, having been a chaos player for so long, I've been spoiled and am not really sure how to play IG. I am looking for a well-rounded, balanced all-comers army. Not expecting to win every battle, but I am expecting to make every battle a challenge and a fun experience for both players.

Honestly, I probably won't do a lot of battles in jungle terrain (however, I hope to build a few nice looking pieces of jungle terrain alongside a catachan's army and maybe convince people to let me use them) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I am going to start with a Catachan's Battleforce. And hope to make extensive use of Sentinels. Lots of assault weapons, particularly flamers, demo-charges of course. I am not sure what else. Lots of infantry, obviously.

Thanks for the help.