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    Terminus LR & apocalypse

    I've had a busy year, and as such gaming has taken a back seat - i know of apocalypse, but not having the update just a few questions ... which no doubt have been covered in random threads already, but for the life of me i can't find the answers i'm after.

    Question 1 - The terminus, is this now an official listing for marines in non-apocalypse games?

    As i said not sure how apocalypse fits in with standard armies. I know apocalypse is for big games, where the terminus is more likely to fit into my SW army list, but i like playing upto 3000 pts of the standard rules, and so if the terminus was legal for my standard SW's it would also fit in there.

    Also is it legal for Daemonhunters/Grey Knight armies? (I have a habit of utilising models across my armies - even if this means magnetising the extra lascannon sponsons and getting a spare hull mounted TLHB to downgrade it to a standard LR.)

    I have a LRc and thought it would be cool to have it follow a LR or TLR then i get best of both worlds, albeit a huge point sink and fire magnet, but to have 5 LC shots going off and then having a TLAC, HMMM plus hurricane bolters follow it up and dumping 15 Blood Claws to clean up what is left, seemed a good idea to me. Whether this would work on the gaming table or not i would have to wait and see.

    Question 2 - Baneblade

    I heard a rumour that the baneblade has been offered to all armies, both imperium and xeno. Surely that can't be true?

    I question the logic of taking the IG superheavy tank and making it available to other imperium armies, but GW being the money making giant it is, i can see how they justify giving it to marines, and inquisitors. But surely giving it to the likes of chaos and orks, again this is now pushing it, but i could see chaos having it prior to falling to the ruinous powers, and orks managing to loot one. But then we have crons, tau, eldar, and nids - surely not.

    So is it available to all armies, some armies, or just IG - see former statement about not knowing much of apocalypse.

    Finally question 3 - whilst browsing through the GW website i happened across apocalypse datasheets for the marines. Terminus LR is there, as is Sternhammer's Wulfen Guard, and Legion of the Damned. Now i have no idea how these fit into apocalypse. So are they available to all apocalypse armies? Can they be used in standard marine armies? Are the sternhammers available only to SW and 13th? and if so where do the legion fit into it.

    I have no doubt these answers would be available to me if i went and bought the update, but with christmas fast approaching and 5 kids plus wife to get presents for, i can't justify this purchase just yet. I'm not wanting any of you to breach copyright, but if you could give me your interpretations/understanding of the above, that would be a great help.

    Cheers in advance.

    Space Wolves are badasses that operate just barely within the rules.
    13th Co. didn't even know there were rules applying to how badass they could be.

    ... and Daemonhunters make it three - now just need a spare room to store it all!!!

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    Knight-Champion chrispcarter's Avatar
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    Hi Jodfrey,
    basically, in Apocalypse you can use prettymuch anything in your army as long as you can justify it. This means Tau may have a Gue'la (Human Auxiliaruy) Baneblade, Tyranids may have one in the possession of a Genestealer cult, Eldar may have Imperial Allies, and so on. There are charts in Apocalypse detailing how likely different forces are to ally (and how creative you have to be to explain it) to help you.

    As for using Apocalypse Legendary Units/Formations in normal games - not really. There is nothing to say that you can, so therefore RAW is that you cannot. However if your opponent agrees, then obviously this is fine, it's up to you and your fellow players to decide. Don't take it to a tournament though.

    My major recommendation would be to get the book ASAP, it's a great read with lots of lovely stuff in!

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    I Expect the Inquisition RecklessFable's Avatar
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    Apocalypse is not intended to be competitive or balanced. It is intend to let you field every model you own.

    The battles should really be more story-driven that tourney-style, and the games are intended to be BIG. They state in the apoc book that for models like the Baneblade, you should use the Forgeworld rules for regular 40k and Apoc rules only for Apoc games.

    That being said, the Terminus is only listed in Apoc, and therefore intended for Apoc only.

    I think this is the beginning of the rise of non-competitive 40k and houseruling.

    The problem is, a baneblade, in either format, still costs too much to play in anything but big games. Therin lies the paradox, since 40k is balanced for 1500-2000 points...

    My crew are planning to try and play Apoc with a competitive style. 1 FOC per 2000 points + 1 superheavy slot. 1 Strategic asset. Even then, assets are pretty broken in anything like competitive games. We shall see...
    RecklessFable's Journey to Mediocrity (Painting an IG army)
    I've been addicted to World of Tanks lately and neglecting my IG... But it is so... much... fun!

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