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    Need help with possible army idea

    Ok so i saw some guy did an imperial grot army, and now i really want to do a army of little red grots called 'Grotziskies devil's'. I wlll use them for serius(well to some degree) games aposed to my chaos marines which i will use for apocalypse. I am thinkin 1500pts for these guys. I want to make a caracterful list but i'm having a hard time...

    first problem: doctrines...
    I made a list of possible doctrines. I want to make a kooky, fun, and characterful army and i need some help sorting out which doctrines would work best.

    Da doc'trin LIztpossibilities)
    - priests: might be fun, to have a little grot priest.
    - special weapons squads: I love the idea of having a cheap 6 man squad with a demo charge charge headlong into the enemy Kamakazi style. definately grot-like.
    -conscripts: cheap grots, cannon fodder
    - jungle fighters: makes sense i guess
    - light infantry: they are grots after all, sneaky sneaky grots
    - chem inhalers: this might be fun to model, little gas mask grots
    - cyber enhancements: funny and characterful, bionic grots
    - warrior weapons: they are rather ferral.

    so what 5 of these doctrines should i take?

    next up:
    - should i take a heroic senior officer for fluffy ness since i want it to be like the grot general? whats the most characterful way of equipting him?
    - what kind of weapons would make most sense for grots. flama's, meltas and plasmas, or grenade launchers? i like grenade luanchers cuase i imagine one of them with a cross bow with a fireworks rocket straped to it...
    - should i have medics, standard, and vets in some of the command squads? you know like da' elite boyz.
    - Grot commissars?
    - how should i equipt/ gear up my troops.
    - what vehicals should i use?

    any other advice is apreciated.

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    mate i think u r askn too many questions.... IG is one of the most adaptable armies out basically all depends on what u want to do....find sum 1 dat has somethin similar to what ur chasing....lyk tha guy u were saying.....and just base ur army off his...try it out...nd if u dont lyk it change it. simple.

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    There are many threads here that extensively argue about every doctrine do some searches to help you decide. As for fluffiness be ready to bite it-a lot. The IG suffer a little with that but if its for fun do it!

    From yours:
    Special Weapons - Demo charges and flamers!
    Conscripts - Waagh! em to death.
    Chem Inhalers - Yes. Grots on crack.
    Light Infantry - Sneaky Sneaky.
    Warrior Weapons - Stabby Stabby.

    I'd suggest instead of the last two:
    Ogryns - Nobs/Regular Greenies.
    Close Order Drill - Mob as one.

    Senior Officer would be enough these guys are stunty. Give him a stick (power weapon) and a crude revolver (bolt pistol). His retinue a pole (standard bearer), and slightly bigger grots. Grots use anything so pick whatever weapons you want just make it look shoddy and orky. Commissars can be represented by grots with bigger weapons or regular orks. Looted Russes are common so you can't fail with those. Maybe 2 Russes and a Demolisher. A Basilisk requires math to ark the shot well so that seems a little out for grots.

    Hope this helps some.

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