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    Adding 2 troop choices - need opinions

    i have a mate who hates the Armoured fists in my WH list because he thinks they are a waste of points. They have a las cannon and drop from my chimeras turn 1 to shoot them (admttedly leaving the rest of their guns useless)

    i was wondering, what 2 troops choices would you use is a mostly mechanised list ( i am not stressed about it being mechanised so fire away with suggestions)

    if you want to see the list that i have been using here is the link (bottom of the page last post) (WH/DH/IG mechinised - 2000)

    thanks guys

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    If you like Mechanized lists, I recommend Grenadiers as your troop choice (you can have three). They are a much better unit mounted than regular IG squads, and they give you more flexibility in setting up a mechanized list without taking the Doctrine, Mechanized;o.

    I us my Grenadiers as support for my tanks, taking objectives etc. They seem to last well when you have other more 'Juicy' target like Leman Russes, Demolishers and Hellhounds to shoot at.

    This type of list doesn't play like a regular sit and shoot Guard army, but it is a lot of fun, especially if you are 'Tread Head' like me.;Y
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    Actually you don't have much of a choice here.
    Armoured fists seem fine to me. Just keep the both the squad and tank back to provide some more long range support. Or you could have the chimeras follow or provide cover for the transports.
    Alternatively you could field infantry platoons which could allow you to field more heavy and special weapons, but cost more points than a fist squad. If you do decide you want a chimera, platoons can take those too.
    Remember that its your decision whether a unit is a waste of points or not.
    People seem to think that assault termies are a waste, but mine always work really well, and usually outperform my normal ones!

    Just to keep it all together, my comments on the list:
    I would swap the plasma pistol on the DH for a psycannon, and add some more retinue. I suggest warriors w/ plasma guns.

    I think that an eviscerator would work well on the vet. serahim

    *WH can't take grenadiers, demolishers or hellhounds unfortunately. And they're limited to 1 normal russ.*
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