i haf recently bin trying out Colonel Schaeffer nd his chancers in the last couple of games nd usually use them to deepstrike 2 or 3 man sub-units with meltas or plasmas. or sumtimes to deepstrike sum good ol single man demo charge sub units.

i'm just wondering if any1 else plays them nd how to play them. although each chancer is pretty expensive points wise especially the specialists, Schaeffer is very cheap for the number of upgrades he comes with nd i usually attach him to an assault squad or just havin him run around scaring people with the crazy man kage.

also wen i try to use them to `build` my `army` in a certain program....wink wink....it doesn't let me use other doctrines.......is this just the program being a pain or is it a genuine rule....am i missing any rules here?

finally is it a good idea to include them as troops, to save points for an all ranged out shooting army? or are they just too expensive? what is the best way to use them?