Well, for a long time now ive wanted an army of raving fanatics, due to the coolness factor. As such, im torn between Templars and Witch Hunters (all zealot and priests) as such im wondering would an army of combat psychos (all infantry) work with templars. I dont think i would use the templar models though, im thinking of applying them to my old Word bearers

Well, seeing as my Eldar are just about finished and Xmas is looming, if i get this i will have my "trinity" finished; (Mobile (Eldar) Resilient (Death Guard/Chaos in general) and then Aggresive (fanatics). So, with templars can someone give me a few pros and cons? and answer a few questions:

Would an almost all infantry list work (just 1 raider)

Would i have enough Anti tank

What should i buy

Whats good/bad in a templars list.

Thanks in Advance


P.S. For fluff for my speeders+crusaders, its because my force resides in the Maelstrom, and has regular contact with the imperial, and these are stolen vehicles.