Just an idea i've got for massives apoc-games (like 8000pts or more)

"Heroic Unit"
Iquisitor Lord Grand Master (yes the one and only GK menber of the Ordo Maleus council... hence the 8000pts or more...not something you should play everyday!!!) and retinue:

1GKGM & 4 to 9 BC (chosen like in HQ slot for the purose of psychics power, etc) retinue : 150pts + models :

-The Shrouding roll of the unit is 2D6
-All GK units around 12'' of the "Heroic Unit" roll on 4D6 - number of the model alive in the unit
-All GK models/unit on the battlefield count as beneficing shrouding on a roll 3D6
-All Dread/LR/LRC/Lr variant count as having the srouding secial rule
-All GM and BC could choose 2 psychic power,
Justicar could take one psychic power.

The idea is that such a presence of such a powerfull Heroes enhence the psychic ability of all the GK, like a catalist.

what do you guy think?