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    Post your ideas for new imperial guard Regiment here

    Got an idea about a new Imperial guard regiment or simply unit then post them here I would like to hear it. My idea is of a regiment
    called BermanCorp, they operate on nearby hiveWorlds near Mars and are the reasons to the creation

    of some of the weaponry in the Imperium. They started off as a global corperation (like the weyland-yutani corperation

    in the alien quadrilogy) on planet terra when it was called Earth. The maker of this corperation was a man born in 1985A.D.

    named richard verner Berman and made the company to research for making new weaponry and technology.

    After two generations in his family he was getting old and sick from cancer but still wanted to live to see his company grow so he gave

    the company to his son Kirk and paid $4,500,000 to get himself cryogenicly frozen. After 100 years he was unfrozen

    by his great, great, great grandaughter who had been creating a space program and launch her and a few scientists

    into space. It was a complete failure resulting in her death. Her son Lexin was although just 16 was given the

    company and held onto it for another 30 years. During that time Richard was strapped into a life support system for

    the next 10 years.

    The discovery of a mysterious alien craft and a strange looking carcass of some vsort of being in a deep cave

    had made the company powerful when after 20 years of research Lexin managed to extract the technology from the craft

    and use it to make super-weapons and even powerful space crafts of their own. Using this technology Lexin managed to create a

    computer system that Richard could be attached to that he could use as his own body and this way could control all of Bermancorp.

    This system was then named by Lexin Berman before he mysteriously dissappered was called "The Grandfather". Some of their units are bionically
    altered ogryns and officers. Also an elite abhuman unit called HOBE's (Hybrid Ogryn/Beast Experimentation) which are basically giant sasquatches
    breed on high gravity feral worlds which are extremely aggressive and territorial. HOBE's are also very untrusting of regular humans so Officers have to tell
    Ogryns to tell the HOBE's th do some things.

    Thats my idea hope you find it interesting, would really like to hear yours.

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    Boring, but try again!

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