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    Radical Inquisitor Wish List

    I do not want to see deamonhosts go in the upcoming codex.

    I would like to see their toughness go up to that of a Necron immortal. Also I think they should have rending. I think they are the same point cost as a brood lord so these rules can be entirely justified.

    It would be nice if the future codex has units like the soon to be released ork codex. Meaning, you love all the units and want to try them all out.

    Sadly, though only 1 player at my store occasionally uses daemon hosts and that is only because he is a fluff addict.

    Now considering that my store has every army, sub army, chaos cult, ordo militant, LatD, Kroot Mercs, 13th company, death wing, raven wing, speed freaks, feral orks, armoured company, guardsmen legions up the wazoo, an all Last Chancer army, you name it. Heck even squats....(even a converted Hrud army with the IG codex being used)

    Ooops we do not have a Legion of the Damned as of yet.

    Meaning to say...I have gone up against a lot of units and I see what get used and what gets painted only to be packed in foam and bubble wrap.

    A bunch of us really brainstormed some imperium units that needed to redone and came up with these

    daemonhosts (such potential...too bad, good model)
    tech priests.....(the mekboy is so useful and the tech priest is so.....not, good model)
    ogryns......(I wont bother going on about this unit, new model have mixed results among my game mates)

    Anyhow...what new radical Inquisition units would you like to see?

    P.S. I posted in the DH forum because I want to specifically address the daemonhosts.


    If you are into lighted-hearted fun where enjoying a game has priority over power gaming then go ahead and try BLOOD BOWL. You will be presently surprised.

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    If I'm honest, I think daemonhosts seem fine as they are. Some of the best psychic abilities in the game, a decent statline and they can deep strike. I'd still take one.

    As for rending, it wouldn't be fluffy enough at all. Sure, a couple of 'hosts have claws and that, but thats the minority. You could then argue that you should be able to take rending as an upgrade, but then you could also say that about the extra health (which again, imho, isn't neccessary of fluffy) and a bunch of other things, and soon you'd end up with something like the chaos possesed.

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    I want to use up to 6 (or 9) Daemonhosts like Death Cult Assassins. I like them, their models are looking good as Daemonhunter models are (still I think DCAs and DHs should have more different models, just 2 gives too less randomness) and they are most fun of Daemonhunters I think.
    Yes, they are pretty random to play and some people maybe do not like that in tourneys ... but I think it just adds more fun to have a lot of different powers instead of 1 or 2 which you use every time then.

    I can't really say they are too expensive or not, they are not that bad. Of course it is a waste of points if you field "one" Daemonhost, but a whole bunch ... I think that could be effective after all. (But then, I don't like the 0-1 limitation)
    (Think of 6 Daemonhosts and a Culexus ... yay )

    T6 could help, or a 3+ save ...

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