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Thread: new allies

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    new allies

    can someone give me some ideas on a small force for an imperial guard army


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    WarmaHorde Pathofskulls's Avatar
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    Either a canoness w/jump pack or a canoness with a retinue of celestians. An elite squad of celestians, 2 squads of SoBs in rhinos, and a squad of seraphim or dominions... Not much to say your going to want to give them flamers or meltaguns, and heavy flamers. The canoness your going to either want to give her a blessed weapon or eviscerator. And the seraphim will do well with inferno pistols for some tank hunting, or hand flamers for flaming.
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    The best way to go is probably to add a Jump Cannoness or St. Celestine (if you have the points) to your force with a squad of Seraphim, as Path has said. This gives your army an element of mobility that is often lacking in Imperial Guard armies. Plus, Seraphim are fairly decent in combat and can be used to tie up anything that threatens your gunners line.

    Secondly, I'd also add some SoB squads. The rapid firing bolters can really help your army, as they far outperform the lasgun. The additional strength can be all the difference in causing a few casualties to wiping a squad. Plus, the acts of faith can really bolster the kills caused by the bolters. Give them rhinos so that they can engage the enemy where they need to be.

    Flamers are your biggest friend, as they'll cause alot of wounds with the big teardrop template. Couple that with Divine Guidance and you'll likely drop an enemy squad a turn with the girls.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    LO Zealot Heiromyo's Avatar
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    Idea 1:

    How about a really sneaky imperial gaurd and witch hunter allied army? Imperial Gaurd arn't that amazing stats wise. So how about a mortar based army on the imperial guard side, this way they don't expose themselves to their low armour saves and they don't rely on their Bs. It's abit expensive for massed mortar units using basic squads but heavy weapon squads from the command section and heavy support choice are very viable options. Excellent when combined with flamers should the squad be near terrain and an enemy squad wonders too close.

    On the Witch Hunter side you could employ some of the faster units to deliver the kill, say with Seraphim, Rhino mounted sisters/celestians or Plasmagun weilding storm troopers (though this can be done on the imperial gaurd side too, probably better off given the infiltrate and deep strike abilities). A cannoness will add spice to the list.

    Now depending on what you want for anti-tank you could go several ways. The most obvious way would be giving meltaguns to basic squads, but since the idea revolves around you hiding your army while still dealing damage its a rather meh option. Next would be to use a Leman Russ or an Exorcist, depending on which is the parent list. However regardless of parent list you could always employ an Inquisitor and gain access to a Land Raider. there are other options but they're easy enough to figure out.

    Summary, imperial gaurd support with barrage weapons, concealing themselves from incoming fire, sisters use their mobility to deliver the killing blow and you have a couple of anti tank units to deal with those pesky vehicles or monsterous creatures.

    Idea 2:

    You could try a light mechanised army. Its already a common theme within the witch hunter codex but the excellant gain with imperial gaurd is that you can use Chimeras in massed numbers. This adds all the heavy weapons needed against infantry, and with the Witch Hunter codex on your side you can employ monster vehicles like the land raider as a center peice. Seraphim could provide the back bone of anti-tank capabilities but personally I would keep them as anti-infantry as they're good at that role anyway in conjuntion with rhino transported sisters and then use a Leman Russ or something to protect against vehicles (don't forget hunter killers).

    Anyways this list is good with Sentinles, Armoured fist units, Hellhounds, Seraphim, Inquisitors with transports (land raider for example), Rhino transported sisters and the odd leman russ. I personally quite like the idea of lots of light cheap vehicles scurrying around a monster like a land raider. And then some deep striking storm troopers can come down for surprise hits or a Callidus assasin suddenly appears, those kind of strikes can turn things to your favour.
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    The Biker Marine SmokWawelski's Avatar
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    I would just concentrate on what your army is lacking - CC units. Seraphims are probably your best bet, but a Celestian would not be bad either. I also like Heiromyo's idea with massed mortars. You could take some of those Evil Forge World mortars too...

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    Senior Member Red Zinfandel's Avatar
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    I play both IG and WH, and I mix them up a lot.

    Two Squads of Celestians under IG are my favorite mix right now.

    I see IG as a static shooting army.
    Their transport solutions (Chimera and Deep Strike) are full of problems and unpredictabilities.

    What does a static shooting army need the most?
    An impenetrable, fortified front line.
    THis is usually accomplished with Trenches, Barbed Wire, and Machine Gun nests.

    These tools are not available in our game.
    The closest thing is two picket lines of Celestians.

    Squad 1 should have a Vet + Book of St Lucius and Squad #2 is a Cannoness with retinue also with Book of St Lucius.

    The Special Weapons you give them is really up to you.
    I suggest 5-6 Stormbolters, one Brazier of Holy Fire and one maybe one standard Flamer (the Flamers are weapons of opportunity).

    The Abundance of Bolters make it expensive for the enemy to get in their LOS.
    The Bolters are your machine gun nest.
    The divine Guidance Option is like a free Plasma GUn if well-armored Terminators decide to charge.

    The Stormbolters also allow the front line to expand or contract, seizing ground, or denying charge while still firing. THis flexibility in your front line, while able to create attrition is good.

    Celestians take a long time to kill. As such, they are your Barbed Wire & Trenches.

    Let the rest of the IG army take care of Anti-Tank needs, artillery (ranged) fire, and AP3.
    IG can supply a lot of Heavy Bolters and AP3 Pie Plates, and Lascannons.
    (Let IG do what IG does best).
    Let the IG army take care of cheap, redundant scoring units (Deepstriking platoon with Remnants).

    Celestians can hold your front lines for a very long time.
    They put out firepower equal to or greater than Marines, so they are costly to get close to.

    They are roughly as good as Marine Scouts in CC, and can tar-pit powerful monsters or power-weapon wielding foes for an extra long time with the help of Spirit of the Martyr.
    You might consider "Litanies" on the Cannoness to help produce an unexpected "Miracle" in CC such as Spirit of the Martyr if you get charged by Genestealers, for example.

    All this tactical flexibility on the front line is versatile, and therefore powerful.

    Essentially, this picket line of Celestians is a machine-gun nest plus a trench that protects the body of your Guard from being charged and disrupted. They are the hard-shell front-line that an entrenched soft army needs.

    The Books of St Lucius are also a great addition to the "Hard Unbreakable" shell.
    The books affect the friendly IG units, and cut back on the cost for Ld upgrades,
    once again, allowing IG to focus points on what they do best.

    I would also consider Rough Riders and/or Ogryns as a hidden counter-charge to assist the Celestians once they get mired in CC. The Celestians probably won't break at first, so they are effectively setting up a "soft pitch" for your 'Grins or RRs to get the +1 charge bonus.

    Both the Grins and RRs are cheap, cost efficient countercharge CC units who will serve you well so long as they don't have to endure enemy fire.

    Lastly, a 3+ Cannoness doesn't have to fight in CC. She can absorb 2 shooting wounds and use a Stormbolter, and never get in to CC, standing at the rear with a cattle prod and her Ld 10 Bubble. It's not an absolute need, but it is a very useful role for her to serve out Ld 10 with the book, so she should avoid CC. If you position her correctly, she might never make it into CC if you read all of the Pile-In Rules carefully (including the 4th ed FAQ update).
    Sisters Repentia: Wow what beautiful models! Wow what terrible rules! -stjohn70

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