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Thread: Macharius Tank

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    Macharius Tank

    I like the FW Macharius tank and I was thinking about picking up one.
    Out of the Vulcan bolter and Vanquisher cannon types, which would be better suited for my army?

    Here's a list of what I normally like using:
    -doctrines: carapace, iron discipline, veterans, close order drill
    -command squads - sort of plain, sometimes with a mortar; if I have an extra squad sometimes I use 3 plasma guns and a medic against MEQs
    -veterans w/3 plasma guns and a lascannon (usually 3 squads)
    -grenadiers/ISTs w/ plasma
    -lascannon support squads
    -heavy bolter support squads/auto cannon squads
    -normal squads w/ plasma/autocannon. Against hordes I usally take a heavy bolter instead
    -basilisks w/ indirect fire obviously
    -russ MBTs w/ 3 heavy bolters or hull las/sponson bolters
    -demolishers w/ 3 heavy bolters
    Sometimes I take GK or Sister allies.
    Also I plan picking up (eventually) a hellhound and getting some rough riders assembled

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    I've ordered a Macharius Vulcan already, mainly because it looks cool and it has a titan weapon on it, plus the though of being able to wipe out an entire marine squad with one gun.
    I don't know which tank would be tactically superior but I'll be using it mainly in Apocalypse so it wouldn't matter too much anyway as it'll probably blow up by turn 2 because it looks so cool.

    FW are being really slow lately with orders because the release of Apocalypse has overwhelmed them. I ordered my Macharius just over a month ago and it hasn't arrived yet.
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