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    Guard For Troopers

    Hi all,

    I'm starting my Daemonhunters army and I was offered a deal from someone on guard to use as storm troopers. (Hey the kasrkins or however you spell it are good but if i cang et a deal all the better!) Just was wondering if you guys and gals would think these are useable. They are painted to a decent standard (the one time I don't mind buying painted models cause i hate painting faces!)

    here they are

    Guard with lasgun: 48
    Chainsowrd/laspistol 7
    Com pack/lasgun 8
    Snipers 5
    Flamers 6
    Chain Sword/flamer 2
    Plasma gun 4
    Power sword/plasma pistol 2
    Power fist/laspistol 2
    Grenade launcher? (not sure what it is but looks like one) 6
    Grenade launcher with chainsword 1
    Mortars with 1 crewman 3
    Mortars without crewmen 4
    Power sword/bolt pistol? 1
    Flamer/bolt pistol?1
    Chain Sword/Bolt Pistol? 2
    Sword/plasma pistol 1
    Meltagun 5

    That’s 108 models if I’ve added it right. Want to use them for inquisitorial storm troopers in a daemon hunters army. Is 150 – 200 bucks too much for that?

    I'm not familiar with guard all that much, so i'm unfamiliar with the grenade launcher thing and if they can take bolt pistols.

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    If they are the old metal miniatures then that's a decent price, whether or not they could pass for storm troopers is another issue.
    Bolt pistols; available to veteran sergeant and above- storm trooper sergeants therefore can have them.
    If it looks like a grenade launcher it probably is a grenade launcher.
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