Black Templars: Boltguns or Bolt Pistols? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Black Templars: Boltguns or Bolt Pistols?

    I used to be an eldar player (Saim-Hann - all those speedy, shooty jetbikes), but after I sold my army at the behest of my *now* ex-wife, I've decided to start up a black templars army. I think they're awfully bad-ace. However, I am having trouble wrapping my head around space marines in general. For one, they're so awfully slow. I'm used to *every* model in my army moving up to 24".

    My roommate suggested rhinos culminating in a "bolter drill." That seems to imply taking boltguns, but I feel like that is not very Templar. These kids seem more bp&ccw-oriented. So, what do you old-templar-types play? Bolters? Bolt pisols and chainswords? Or some mix?

    Help me, or I will sell my handful of templar models on e-bay and start rebuilding my eldar jetbike army and go back to killing marines...*wink*


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    If you are going to go with rhinos, then I would run the squads inside of them with bolters mostly. It's basically the same idea as a more fragile drop pod: get out and blast away.

    However, I would consider the advantages that the BTs have. Namely RZ. We can potentially move faster than a rhino given the right equipment (chaplain w/3 CS). I've found that I can almost always charge by the 3rd turn when I get shot at. Then I need the extra attacks in CC.

    Personally, I run a footslogging list, getting into combat ASAP. This means for me I need to have as many attacks as possible in CC. However, where I to run a mech list, I would run mostly bolters to maximize the impact of my firing when I get out of the rhino because I was relying on shooting to do most of the damage. It really depends on your list, and the role each unit is going to play in it.

    Perhaps testing out a list on here to see what we say about it?

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