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    Space Wolves Tourney Units: Efficient Choices? Vs. Listed Opponents

    Space Wolves
    1,500/(1,499) Point List

    Wolf Lord Bulvai Daemondeath

    Wolf Lord:
    S.M. Bike:
    Frostblade: .
    Wolf Pelt:
    Wolf Tooth Necklace:
    Rune Armor:
    Belt of Russ:
    TOTAL POINTS: 188 Pts.

    Crom, The Steel Warrior of Russ

    Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought: 125 Pts
    Assault Cannon:
    Smoke Launchers:
    TOTAL POINTS: 158 Pts.

    346 Points

    Dreadnought Valk “Hammerfist”
    Smoke Launchers:
    TOTAL POINTS: 108 Pts.


    Grey Hunter Pack “Woadguard”
    6 Grey Hunters:
    1 Powerfist:
    4 bolters:
    1 Power Weapon:
    Total Points: 131 Pts

    Grey Hunter Pack “Beast-Slayers”
    8 Grey Hunters:
    2 Power fists:
    2 Plasma Pistols:
    Plasma Gun:
    5 Bolters:
    TOTAL POINTS: 203 Pts.

    Grey Hunter Pack “Traitor-Slayers”
    6 Grey Hunters:
    4 Bolters:
    2 Power Weapons:
    2 Plasma Pistols:
    Frag Grenades:
    TOTAL POINTS: 152 Pts.

    TROOPS: (cont.)
    Grey Hunter Squad “Midgard”
    6 Grey Hunters:
    1 Power Weapon:
    5 Bolters:
    TOTAL POINTS: 117 Pts.

    Blood Claws Pack “The Blood Hunters”
    11 Blood Claws:
    3 Power Fists:
    TOTAL POINTS: 196 Pts.


    Blood Claw Bike Pack “Windrunners”
    3 Bikers:
    2 Power Fists:
    TOTAL POINTS: 114 Pts.

    Blood Claw Bike Pack “Glory Seekers”
    4 Bikers:
    1 Power fist:
    TOTAL POINTS: 132 pts.


    My thoughts and Reasoning:

    This is an expansion of a list I used in previous tourney where I went 15-1. So some of it I am very comfortable with. Just a few areas I guess I am looking for outside oints of view on.

    I will say also that my style is one of attack/counterattack and ploys and feints. I'm not a purely shooty or assaulty guy, and I'm not a headlong charger or static shooter.

    What I think my weaknesses are:
    Anti Tank
    Heavy Weapons

    Next I will say these things:

    It sis a 12 Man tourney: And I know some of the competitors

    1: Space Wolves (me)
    2: Eldar (Aspect Heavy)
    3: Orks (100+ Infantry Army)
    4: M.E.Q.
    5: M.E.Q.
    6: M.E.Q.
    7: M.E.Q.
    9: Tyranid
    10: Tyranid
    As yuo can see, it's either horde or Power armor. Not much in between lol.

    Units Purposes:

    Wolf Lord: Plain and simple, he wins games lol. He wins assaults, he can take a real beating.

    Ven. Dread: TOo good to pass up ont he 2nd HQ i have to take.

    Reg. Dread: I like dread, specially in SW. GOod gun, good str, and with proper manuvering I can tie him ups omwehre he'll be for a long time.

    Grey Hunters " Woadguard" : All purpose use unit. Supportive or co-ordinative w/ oyther units.

    Grey Hunters "Beast Slayers" : Made to tangel with Baddie CC stuff. Dreads, Fex's, Wraithlords, Kans. Pack power where I need it, a Power Unit.

    Grey Hunters "Traitor Slayers" : Basically my Anti M.E.Q. Unit. Good AP, nice punch and Initiative order power attacks. Also there to tackle Terminators, with those Plasma Pistols and power weaps I hope to kills tuff before Thunder Hammers and Power fists attack.

    Grey Hunters "Midguard": Another All purpose,supportive/reactive/co-ordinative unit.

    Bloodclaws "Blood-Hunters": Use tot hrow LOADS of dice lol, and to truy and match the power of Horde assault squads. Also with 3 Pfists, look to drop heavy units nicely. Flamer to pblast into assault before i charge.

    Bikes: Used primarily to deliver a knock out punch to already engaged assaults, and to shut down heavy weapons as wellas deal with the armor of the enemies. Basically meant to tie up and annihilate smaller squads.

    Final thoughts:

    My two Supportive sqauds are there as a starter, or follow upt o my main attacking squads. The whole army is meant to augment and work together.

    Anyway, lemme know whaty ou all think?

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    this is a good list, lots of power and marines. Marines are usually suposed to be outnumbered in general. But you got a lot of units for a marine army. but there are some big flaws that could lead to a massacre. Lots and lots of ordanance. If your oppenent is a gaurd player filling his heavy support choices up, your in big trouble. even 1 bassilisk could wipe out one entire squad and thats not fun at all to endure. what i think is to take out 1 squad of grey hunters and put the rest of the grey hunters in drop pods and add a bunch of melta guns to even out the anti-tank your lacking. also blood claws are a tough choice, cause you need to charge with them or else they're sorta screwed. I'd put them in a rino and hope to god (or the emperor) they come out and don't get charged. also add a wolf gaurd to the blood claws pack and give him a power fist and a plasma pistol, can't have too many power fists you know.

    Also wolf scouts are a must for me. specially against stand and shoot armies. equip them with 2 plasma pistols and a melta gun and add a gaurd to them too and give him lightning claws. a very good choice for lots of power for little points.

    Hope this has helped ya a lil
    Last edited by bubby456; December 27th, 2007 at 20:40.

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    If you put a guard with the scouts, can they still obel? That would help the scouts survivability after their first turn in.
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