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    I am Crafting an Imperial Fists Force: Looking for expeirienced advice to help me.

    I'm looking to craft an Imperial Fists army of 750 Points that I will build upon as it is finished. I'm doing this to fulfill these requirements.

    1) Project Army:
    One that I spend real time on painting and converting. Looking for 90% at least of the models to be at least minorly converted.

    2) Themes:
    I play a very successful DIY (The Black Knights) Space marine chapter. and founding chapter (Space Wolves) already. So I'm not as concerned about functionality of this list as I am themeing if for Imperial Fists.

    3) Fun:

    I have a ton of SM stuff I'm neve gonna use on my current armies, and wanna have some fun. Also wanting areason to get the new Chapter Masters and Veteran Mk.II box. lol.

    If I get a positive response to this thread, Iw ill be more than happy to post Pics as it comes along, and credit whomever is due for their advice or ideas. (Maybe even name a sergeant after them lol)

    What I am Looking for:

    1) Imperial Fist Fluff Guru's
    2) IF Banner Designs
    3) Suggestions on WHICH Exact Yellow is going to look best
    4) Anyone who has tried mixing a Yellow paint with a FOundation yellowish base.
    5)Anyone who has painted Imperial Fist Marines with Tips
    6) Shading COmbo Colors
    7) Experience with NON-GW airbushes
    Tactical squad themes/conversion ideas/layouts
    9) Opinions on MEtal IF shoulderpads with Embossed Symbol over Decals (CostV/Effect)
    10) Basing Ideas
    11) A Degree or two of Playability Critique (I'm not making the list to Win at all cost, but if I could pull a win here and htere, wouldn't suck lol.)
    12) Any IF heavy sites or threads here or elsewhere that would be helpful :-D
    13) Any guides to painting/shading IF's.

    And Finally:

    Functionality Vs. Theme: Wanting to make sure I weight those out alright.

    Painting( I want a Grittier feel over pristine):
    Question: Do the Fists have a contrasting color for their Sergeant/Commanders helmets as do the Ultramarines and Blood angels? If they do not, would it be too divergent to use that idea? What colors might be good for the indicative ranks?

    White Primer
    Primary Armor Color Options: GOlden Yellow/Bad Moon Yellow
    Highlight mix: Looking for a good one, thinking the base Yellow with a larger does of white
    -Apply then-
    Yeloow Ink for smoothing and Darkening

    Secondary Armomr color Choices:
    Blood Red or Gore Red

    Armor Tubing: (Between upper and lower arm plates adn behind knees)
    Darkened Boltgun Metal

    Backpack: rimary white with Boltgun components and some picking out of details in Tin Bitz.

    Weapon colors: Boltgun Metal and Chas black, with Tin Bitz Deails picked out. Red and Blue Cabling (Unless there are ebtter contrasts, amybe not red since there will already be a shade of red in the model)

    Finally: Flesh Wash Ink Wash for shading. Looking fro good water/wash ratio here.

    These are the test models I will be using for my Imperial Fists, all are Metal so as to strip easier in case of Disaster:

    Terminator Chaplain:

    Space Marine Commander:
    -NOT my Commander, but I have the model sitting around. Figure he can be a Vet Sergeant or something-

    Space Marine Veterans:
    -Both Models-

    Space Marine Veterans:
    All but Powerfist. Lightning Claw guy will have Different Weapons-

    METAL Space Marine Scouts:
    1,5 (CCW and BP)

    1x Bolter Scout 1. 2x Bolter Scout 2

    1 Heavy Bolter scout

    As well as 3/4 Various Tactical Marines w/ Bolters stripped from Black
    1 Space Marine w/ Missile Launcher stripped from Blue

    Models I am considering Purchasing If they fit in the over all army:

    Space Marine Masters of the Chapter:
    -I'd be using the one on the bottom left w/ Pwep and Pfist as my Imperial Fists Commander Other models are up in the air as to what I will use them for-

    Space Marine Veterans Mk.II
    -P.Fist guy DEFINATLY going to be a sergeant. Others up in the air-

    Space Marine Vindicator from the Linebreaker Squadron:

    List Composition:



    Im posting this as it is now, I will have the list up ina n hour or two as I tweak aand tool it. Any list units you think just SCREAM I.F. Or have ot make the cut, lemme know.

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    As far as models go, id make use of purity seals, and take heavy numbers of veteran sergeants with powerfists. Paints scars into the faces of marines, to represent their their trails of pain tolerance. Id also recommend using themed squads. They probably prefer to shoot over assault, so consider taking a fair number of shooty squads.

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    if you have any fluff question then feel free to PM me, im pretty good on the Marine Legions and primarchs.

    iv seen an intresting way of doing yellow, used to paint Iyanden Eldar, sprey the models white, then give it a yellow ink wash, paint all the raised areas (quite a lot for a SM) With a 3:1 Golden yellow Skull White mix, then highlight this with a little but of suburst.
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    I'm not sure how the yellowish foundation paints are, but test them on black primer and see if they work well - if so, you'll save yourself a lot of inking. I got Mechrite Red today and it works WONDERS on black primer, and I know from experience that normal yellow is a pain and a half on any primer. If not, i'd do a yellow foundation on white primer, yellow over that and then black ink in the nooks and crannies

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    I am also currently constructing an imperial fist project army, so ask away!
    Vor the veteran sergeants I simply followed the old imperial fists colour scheme (from Index astartes) and painted their helmet red with a white stripe along the centre top (usually the raised bit in the centre of the helmet - I'm npt using beakie marines so it's a little easier). As for normal sergeants I just paint the raised strip red.
    As for painting I start with an undercoat of white white and then use the iyanden darksun foundation paint. Touch up the black area (joins, vents) with chaos black and then give it a coat of golden yellow. Ink it with yellow ink (this stage is optional) and give it another coat of golden yellow - then I highlight with progressive mixtures of sunburst yellow and skull white on the higher bits (tips of the shoulder pads, helmet, backpack etc.) It's a lot of work but the end result looks pretty cool.
    Wikipedia has good IF fluff, as well as games workshop sites, old WD's (anything pre-2003), index astartes articles, old codicies.
    As for modelling ideas I like the picture of the sergeant with the power fist bursting through a wall and have tried something similar with one of mine. I think if you detail the base to show either a cityfight terrain or somekind of earthworks and siege type effects. I've modelled my assault squad to be landing on traitor guardsmen and knocking them down - crushing them effectively - takes a bit of pinning but looks pretty cool.
    I would definately go the metal shoulderpads over the decals - I can't stand them (proabably because I can never get them to sit properly and don't have the patience to try)
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