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    Im just starting Daemonhunters and i cant decide how to make inquisitor, if i should include assasins (or which ones to take), whether to take Daemonhosts or GK.....

    i want to make an army that has tons of firepower, hows that?

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    Tons of firepower - frankly, i'd go for Dark Angels over DH in that case. Can get Devastator squads, predators, 3 plasma guns in squads and all that other sort of goodness.

    DH's, while not particularly awful at shooting, aren't even in the same league and find it very difficult to deal with armour. The current methods vary, but usually involve meltabombs, dreadnoughts with TL las and ML, and Rhino's or Chimera's with IST's packing melta-guns ( i use 2 x tarantula sentry guns amongst other things) - clearly lacking in efficiency compared to other marine armies.

    DH's aren't designed for that style of play to be honest - they excel in close combat, and while they have some formidable weaponry for shooting (psycannon) it is expensive and of little utility against serious armour.

    However....if you want a stylish army that is challenging to play, versatile and rewarding, with numerous strategies and options then DH is where you need to be.

    (Yes folks, i know that you can act as allies to other Chapters if you really want that sort of firepower - was assuming a "pure" DH force at this juncture)

    Assasins- there are plenty of other threads on that subject, as well as numerous discussions about what to equip an inquisitor with - first off all decide on their particular role and then look through the threads to see if anything stikes a particularly resonant chord.
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    If you want a shooty Dh army, you've got a few ways to go about it: Pure DH (GK and Inquisitors), DH with inducted SM or IG, or SM/IG with inducted DH. Couple things that you can do:

    1) Use Inquisitors as firebases. An Inquisitor with a psycannon, a plasma cannon-toting servitor, and two heavy bolter servitors is a fearsome little squad. And with Inquisitors in both HQ and Elite slots, you could have quite a few of these squads.

    2) Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. You can give them a few handy special weapons (meltaguns being my favorite), throw them in a Chimera, and bam, mobile firebase.

    3) Massed Grey Knights. They've got stormbolters, so can pump out more shots per man than marines (assuming they're moving, that is). Plus, GK are insane in CC.

    4) Ignore GK and instead induct SM. You can get a bunch of useful things here, like Devestators & a Predator. You'd lose a fair amount of CC power, but hey.

    5) Take Gk and induct IG. lascannon squads, sentienels, and a Leman Russ would give you good anti-armor, and the GK could handle the CC.

    6) Take a different army (I'd say DA like InquisitorLordMalik said), and induct some Grey Knights into that.

    Daemonhosts, only take those if you're going to have a radical army (Base SM, with inducted DH Inquisitors).

    Assassins, everyone has their own opinion. I don't use Officio Assassinorum Assassins in my Pure DH army because most of my opponents are strongly against them. And as for Death Cult Assassins, I haven't had the chance to test them out. Remember, if you use Assassins, you need Inquisitors too.

    And as for how to make an Inquisitor.. depends what he'll be doing. In a radical army, a CC Inquisitor rocks. But in a GK-based force, a shooty Inquisitor is more useful. For specific loadouts and all that, search the forum, there are a LOT of good builds here.

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