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    Different chapter colours?

    Is there an instance where a certain chapter will deploy wearing a different colour scheme?
    The lexicanum page on the Red Scorpions got me thinking about it.
    They are shown as wearing black armour with yellow trim, like a twilight blue armour with mustard trim, a charcoal grey armour and a black and red kind of camoflague scheme.
    What are the red scorpions actual colours?

    Also, is it acceptable for a chapter to wear a camoflague scheme rather than their standard uniform, or is there other such reasons for changing their armour?

    This probably belongs in the fluff but for some reason I get 'page cannot be displayed' in that section.

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    This is the very reason the drawback trait "have pride in your colours" exists - the Codex Astartes makes provisions for the occasional stealthy operation, however some chapters refuse to ever hide their colours.

    So yeah, I dont see why not - so long as it is still obvious that the marines still belong to a certain chapter, you should still be able to do cameoflage colour schemes. I've seen similar in White Dwarf before (I think it was a dark angel army), although we all know how worthless White Dwarf is as a reference.

    In fact, I'll be painting my Imperial Fists scouts mostly black and grey digital camo, with only a couple of hints that they might wear lots of yellow at other times.
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