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Thread: Deal or No Deal

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    Deal or No Deal

    Hi im trading my dar eldar army for space marines and need your advice. I am trding:
    Hq: Archon w/Jetbike
    Troops: 30 men and 2 raiders
    Fast: 5 jetbikes
    Heavy: 1 Ravanger
    Total: 39 Models

    HQ: Terminator Librarian
    Elites: 4 Terminators
    Trrops: 16 Space marine
    Fast: 5 Assualt marines
    Total: 26 Models

    Do you think its a good deal? I think I should at least get a devastator squad as if i was versing my dark eldar army with this space marine army, I think i would get squashed.
    If not, please tell me what else I should get with it also?

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    Well, seeing as you're in NZ, I'll use the Australian store for reference. All in all, you've got about $350 of DE stuff, compared to around $210 of Marines. Not a great match, IMHO.

    And the Marines are in some weird numbers, too - 4 Termies? They're meant to go with the Librarian, obviously, but they're not even a viable unit on their own!

    Of course, $$$ isn't everything - I'd say that these two forces are probably just about equal on the tabletop, actually. The DE may have more troops and some tanks, but warriors and splinter rifles are far less effective against Marines than the marines and their Bolters are against the DE. Even the tanks are less than stellar, as a good burst from even a basic Marine squad can bring them down fairly easily - if there's any Heavy Bolters or Assault Cannons in the mix, both of these factors start to swing wildly in the Marine's favour.

    Overall, it's not too bad a trade. Money-wise it's not so hot, but in this case, the Marines tend to deliver a fair bit more bang for the buck. (and that Librarian can potentially be really vicious!) if you're pushing for more, I'd look at either a few more troopers just to bulk out the force a bit (the assault squad really should be larger), or maybe a Rhino?

    If you do decide to go for the trade, your next steps are probably to add more basic Marines, with emphasis on filling out your stock of special and/or heavy weapons if the ones you're trading for are mostly Bolter Marines. As I said, you really should fill out the assault squad - 5 man units just don't have the power or durability to work that well, 8 to 10 men works nicely. Also an idea is to get a few more Commanders, so you can swap in a cheap Captain or Chaplain (or even a lightly equipped Librarian) in place of that Termie Librarian - he's likely expensive, and Termie armour can be more of a hindrance than it's worth sometimes.
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