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    We need a better LO Faq for this Forum

    There are a few questions that I see popping up that wouldn't hurt to be covered in a comprehensive LO faq similar to other forums.

    Issues/Questions I hear most often:

    1. Platoon as troop choice issues
    Long a short, people seem to have a hard time getting their head around that you need at lest 25 IG for one choice, and that you have to have a platoon to field conscripts, armored fist, etc.

    2. Can squad X take doctrines?
    It would be helpful to list the squads that can and can't take doctrines (especially grenediers).

    3. Command HQ as a required choice

    4. Heavy Weapons platoon issues
    same as 1

    5. Heavy Weapons basis
    Why oh why did GW carry over that stuff so poorly from 2nd ed guard

    6. Rough Rider Hunting Lances

    7. How can I make doctrine X competitive?
    This isn't so much a newbie question as a mania that IG players seem to have about making warrior weapons, or some other doctrine, into the best thing ever. Not all doctrines are made equally and players need to realize some are in there for fun, fluff, and modeling goodness, and will not be a take-all-challengers tournament winning doctrine (generally speaking).

    I'm planning on writing this up and posting it the appropriate forum have it critiqued (suggestions, tactics maybe). What I need from you guys is a list of other common issues that show on this board that would benefit from a faq. Again, I need suggestions, not a debate, feel free to PM me. I'd like to start on it around Sunday as I will likely be too hungover from Saturday to want to leave the apartment.

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    I started typing on an Imperial Guard FAQ for this forum a long time ago, but when I realised that with my ability to ramble on and on, it would end up as a faction wide tactica, personal impression and experiences journal aswell as a FAQ I kinda gave up. :>

    As for common questions;

    "What should I buy next?

    "Can I mix Catachans, Cadians and X?"

    "What weapon should I give my Russes?"

    "Are Sentinels useful?"

    In addition, a more clear explanation of how platoons work, and the difference between things lika a Heavy Weapon Team, A Heavy Weapon Support Squad and a Heavy Weapon Support Platoon, because there seems to be some confusion on that matter.
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    Mr Commisar to you Commisarlestat's Avatar
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    This is quite a good idea. I would be happy to help you with this.

    Point 2 is a little odd. I know it comes up a lot but it is clearly stated in the codex perhaps just a simple page reference woudl be adequeate?

    Perhaps we could aslo have a best squad and tank setups similar to a how to but more in line with an FAQ to answer peoples questions such as do I put a lascannon or heavy bolter on the front of my russ. Or is this squad setup good against MEQ's

    I like the idea and will keep an eye on the progress.


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    Senior Member stayscrunchyinmilk's Avatar
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    And may i suggest outlining advisors, and the command squad independant characters (and that advisors are not)

    Oh, and typos etc from GW
    e.g. if you download the IG "stat sheet" / summary from the GW homepage it STILL has the incorrect armour for hellhounds etc etc.
    And attaching advisors to the Command HQ. There's command squads, but not a command HQ. - (I can't see this answered anywhere, including FAQ) (oh, and a p.s. about doctrines and advisors - some confusion here)

    Oh and top priority: Allies (especially the eternal Inquisitor/Assassain loop of questions.
    maybe with page numbers and a example.

    maybe in the footnotes:

    the special characters appear to have not been proof read (RE Creed and Kell - what's a cadian army?) - could do with a carefull explanation.

    and maybe outlining in a normal 40k game the baneblades cost is xxx (See Imperial Armour 1.) They only cost xxx (less, see Apocalypse rulebook) in apocalypse games (not vital, mind)

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