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    Silly Noob Question

    About the Auspex. Do you declair shooting and roll at the moment the opponent inf squad sets up, or do you do it after all setup has been done?

    Meaning if I have a Dev squad with a Terminator honour Sergeant that has an auspex. Do I make the roll right when the infiltrator unit sets up, or after all setup is complete?

    And as a side note, What happens if two infiltrating units setup inside my auspex range?


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    Hi mate, not a silly question at all. I'll see if I can help:

    From SM Codex, p23:
    "These shots are taken before the battle begins..."
    This would imply after all infiltrators are set up.

    "If enemy models with the infiltrate special rule set up within 4D6" of a module with an auspex, then that model is allowed to take a 'free' shot at them..."
    For each unit that infiltrates, roll a 4D6 for each model with an Auspex. "Free shot" implies that you can take many (as they are free), but are limited to one shot per infiltrating unit, per unit with an auspex.

    To clarify:
    If you have two sergeants w/ Auspex next to each other and the opponent sets up infiltrators nearby, you would have a chance of four (total) shots, one from each of your units against each of theirs.
    - Josh
    what am I, the pope?

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