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    Junior Member Moirae's Avatar
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    WH CC Army, no allies

    First, let me say this is not a list I intend for tourney play, but just a fun, goofy list intended to totally surprise my opponent. At best I'm hoping for a marginally effective list, and at worst an abyssmal failure that is at least fun to play once in a while.

    That said, I usually run a mech WH list, with all the standards; 2x Jump Canonesses, 2-3 sexorcists, 2 units of seraphim, etc, etc. I have a few extra models sitting on the selves because they are just sexy like my Repentia and a few arcos.

    I'm not posting this in the army list section since I would like to hear different people's input or ideas on what would make a fun CC oriented WH list in the 1750-2000 range, as that is what my gaming group typically plays. So far I am thinking something close to the following:

    Standard Jump Canoness with either a BW or Evis.
    Melee Inq Lord with a herd of acolytes and Crusaders. Too bad the bastard can't take a Land Raider Crusader as a transport...

    Big unit of Sisters Repentia, maybe accompanied by a Priest.
    A full unit of Arco-flagellents
    and either an Assassin of a squad of Death Cultists

    For troops, I'm thinking 2-3 units of Sisters in Rhinos with a CC Vet Superior. And maybe Meltas, so this list will actually have some anti-armor capacity.

    Seraphim since they fit the CC scheme and are actually effective. Double win!

    At least 3 penitent Engines. Dropping 9 on the table would be worth it for the look on my opponents face alone. Too bad priests cant accompany these buggers to get the most out of the holy rage rule.

    Like I said, I want a fluffy, silly, possibly effective list that will be interesting, if nothing else. I haven't even looked at point values while writing this up. Its a shame the WH book has so many great feeling or looking units that never see a battle because the just suck, so lemme see your ideas on getting the Ecclesiarchy's poor forgotten souls a chance to prove themselves, even if only in sacrificing themselves to the Emperor.

    Forgive any glaring typos, I'm a tad drunk, so my creativity is flowing, though my command of the language is somewhat hindered.

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    Senior Member Red Zinfandel's Avatar
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    I'm a tad drunk, so my creativity is flowing, though my command of the language is somewhat hindered.
    Ho Ho. At least a quarter of my posts are ticket-able.:drinking:

    Sisters' CC ability is, by design, is below par.
    Point-Blank shooting is the only department where they excel,
    and sisters win by manipulating the game to extend that activity.

    Sisters simply can't create a successful "CC" army.
    But they can make a successful army that emphasizes the CC aspect.

    Things (i think) you can do to emphasize the CC aspect:
    - 6 DCAs + Eversor (need to playtest on your own, but it works, I am told)
    The "murder of assassins" technique is not about winning CCs, so much as controlling them.
    - Get some Arcos.
    - Seraphim Vets get Eviscerators.
    - Use Celestian Squads where possible.

    Celestians don't necessarily win CCs, but they hold up much better.

    Nine PEs is an interesting topic all its own.
    Fast and Decisive, though vulnerable to the Squadron rules, and fast vehicles luring them about.
    They might to amazing things in Cities of Death
    (which is an brilliant set of environmental rules).
    Sisters Repentia: Wow what beautiful models! Wow what terrible rules! -stjohn70

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    I did 6 PEs several times, and 12 in Apocalypse game. They are just plain fun, if nothing more... Problem with CC WH army though, is that it takes up points rather quickly. Your =][= will be topping 500pts with the LRaider easily, and that is just one squad. But should you do it - yeah :party:

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