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Thread: Orgyns!

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    Couldent find much on Orgyns on the fourm. Are they any good. (i guess they are, 5 for $75. They better be good)

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    For 25 points, they really aren't that great. If you want a rock hard assault unit in your guard then buy a box of Grey Knights and use them instead. GK's have better Strength, Initiative, Leadership, Weapon and most importantly a much better save. In my humble opinion, they are way more worth 25 points than any Ogryn.

    If Ogryn had either a better save or one more point of TO (As their immemse size would seem to suggest ANYWAYS) then I would use them again.

    Under the new assault rules (No getting out of a moving vehicle and charging) They are just sitting ducks. Since their armor is only 5+, they have only a slim chance of surviving standing around for one turn.

    The best elites choices are either Hardened vets (BS of 4 and THREE special weapons), or Ratlings (Hit on 2+ wound on 4+ no matter what).

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