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    Here's where I'll post a link to each 'topic of the week', for easy reference.

    Hopefully, this will become a great place for people to browse, where anyone with questions might have them answered. At the very least it will provide some direction, via some opinions already expressed in this forum.

    So I invite you all to contribute your thoughts to each topic as they arise, via experience, questions of your own, statistics if you have them, or anything else that might be relevant.


    4th Edition Threads:

    Topic #1: Grenade Launchers

    Topic #2: Chimeras

    Topic #3: Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers

    Topic #4: Plasma VS Melta

    Topic #5: Leman Russ Variants

    Topic #6: Doctrines

    5th Edition threads:

    Topic #7: 5th edition, First Impressions

    Topic #8: Tyranids

    Topic #9: Inquisitorial Allies

    Topic #9: The Assault Phase

    Topic #10: Infantry Platoons

    Topic #11: The Sentinel

    Topic #12: Advisors

    Topic #13: The Eldar

    Topic #14: Heavy Weapons

    Topic #15: 5th Edition, a few months in.

    Topic #16: New Space Marine Codex

    Topic #17: Storm Troopers

    Topic #18: Rough Riders

    Topic #19: Special Characters

    Topic #20: Wargear and Weapon Options

    Topic #21: Orks

    Topic #22: Command Platoon

    5th Edition Guard Codex:

    Topic #23: Army styles, inspiration, and the NEW CODEX!!!

    Topic #24: Favourite unit in the new 'Dex

    Topic #25: Leman Russ Battle Tank, and Varieties, First Impressions

    Topic #26: The New HQ section

    Topic #27: Chimera, New book and 5th edition.

    Topic #28: Commissars

    P.S Don't be afraid to add a comment or two to old topics, either - if you feel you have something good to say, go on ahead!

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