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    Mechanized DH - A stupid concept?

    G'Day all.

    I'm branching out from my Space Marine army and having got my first squad of PAGK painted up, I must say i'm looking forward to seeing how they fair tomorrow.

    Anyway. I've had a DH force on the drawing board for some time. I think I understand the DH codex reasonably well and I know that a DH force generally lacks bodies. However, I have a concept for a DH force which comprises a back bone of IST squads with Chimeras. Each Chimera wielding a Multilaser, Hull Mounted HB and Extra Armor / Smoke.

    ( I don't consider this relevant to the Lists section, as I have merely included the list to help describe my concept of mobilised DH. I'm hoping for a discussion on the viability of mobile DH rather than a min maxing of a specific list. )

    So, briefly;

    Inq Lord plus Dakka Retinue (std template probably, maybe with an acolyte chucked in) with Chimera.
    Eversor assassin (for first turn assault disruption tactics)
    FAGK Pseudo elite squad (as in, they'll be my most elite squad on the table, but they aren't elites...)
    2 or 3 x IST Squads with plasma, Chimera as above
    1 Guard Platoon
    1 Armored Fist Platoon, Chimera As above
    1 Leman Russ, BC, + 3 x HB

    I reckon, with carefull planning, this could be a 1500 point force.

    Anyway. Can you comment with regards to its viability? I've considered the added advantages 5th Ed brings to transport vehicles. I consider, even if they are wrecked, they still offer LOS breaking cover and I think having so much of my point scoring troop choices mobile could be pretty advantages. The way I see the Chimeras is as an extension to the squads Heavy Weapons load out. So, in that respect, I just look on them as a cheap non scoring squad that happens to also be able to deliver my gun line to an advanced position early on in the game.

    Its a bit of a fluffy one to be honest, but i'd like your advice and critique on this concept.

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    what you have there is essentially mechanized IG w/ DH allies. That's fine, I'm sure it'll work, doesn't seem to have any huge flaws. But it's a better IG army than DH. Toss in a guard HQ and you have an IG force that can take doctrines. (The IST's would have to become IG IST's--- which I believe are better anyway, being able to infiltrate? not sure on that)

    However, if you wanted a really mechanized DH list you could do it. Just use this list as a base and expand. LRC's w/ PAGK's in them. I'd personally make it a firebase w/ distractions. Use all the IG stuff you have here and keep it in your side. Move the chimeras around for taking objectives (as you have said you will) but maybe do some irritating stuff like adding DCA's to attack at opportune moments, or keep squads marching too close to your tanks off of em. (if they're assaulted in 5th, they get their rear armour attacked)

    The more I look at it the more I like it, but I feel like it's missing something.

    Good concept
    I just wanted an avatar that was different.....

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