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    Looking to start WH

    I've been playing Crons for 1/2 a year and i decided to start up a 2nd army which will be WH. What would be some good tips for someone new the the army like what are some units and wargear to avoid and what are some good tactics to play by? (i bought the codex today but i still have to take a good read through it)

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    i think for best effect the index at the top of the forum is the best place to go it will link you over to all the begginer/tactica information lo has to ffer and some rather biased but not bad gw ones

    hunters are alot different to necrons to begin with their is more than 1 viable tactic and what one witch player might bring to bear another will scorn again the index at the top will give you better information all i'll say is you usually have to make a few decisions straight up

    the first is what you want in your army, this isn't to say you can't have all 4 but it's best to choose 2

    the units we have access to can be sorted into 4 groups -inquisition, sister, preisthood and allie

    me personally i like to go with inquisition and sisters and i ignore the other 2 altogether it works for me and i like the look of it

    the other is if you want to go mechanized or footslogger again i prefer footslogger it's just a personal preference, the most popular choice is mechanized and again the index has alot of articles about this

    lolz i realise this probably dosn't help, the best thing you can do is read the codex......oh and did i mention the index?
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    As stated above, WH are great because you can make them into 4 almost separate armies: pure Sisters of Battle, Space Marines with Inquisitor, Guard with Inquisitor, and Inquisitorial Freak Show (not that those cannot be mixed somewhat).

    If you go with pure SOB, you are best off without any allies as to generate most Faith Points. Be prepared for some hard times when you get into CC, however a basic SOB model is the best troop choice in the WH codex (especially when compared to Storm Troopers)...

    SM I assume play closely to no-name, no-traits Marines with some interesting HQ choices (but Inquisitors are not CC characters, neither are they powerful units when it comes to shooting. Think of them as supporting characters - your troops should compensate for the incompetency of their commander). You will need the minimum of 2 Storm Trooper squads here.

    Guard-heavy WH army will be able to take a Russ, some infantry platoons or armored fists, with elite WH units as assassins and such. Again - you will need two Troop choices - either Sisters or Storm Troopers.

    Whereas the Freak Show army uses all the craziest units in the Inquisitorial Arsenal (Arcos, assassins, Penitent Engines).

    I would like to note that you can also include some Daemonhunters in your army, so you could take Grey Knights or Daemon Hosts if you find them interesting. Grey Knights are the only SM-like unit that can be taken with Sisters, as they are technically not space marines and go around the "no Marines and Sisters in the same army" rule....

    So here is your major choice now. It really will make a difference in how your army plays. As usual, after you are decided, go out and buy your two Troop boxes and HQ models. Paint a bit and come back for more.

    As I myself collect WH and Crons (started the other way around though) I'd say that Marines-based army might be easy to transition into, as the basic trooper will be tough and reliable like your Necrons. Sisters would also fit that bill, but there is the whole Faith Points management thing (not as hard as some people want to make it look). If you are starved for choices that a large Armoury section gives you, Freak Show is the way to go, but who knows when GW is going to shut down such armies and take away our gear selection... Please bear in mind that all SOB models are metal - and henceforth more expensive in terms of $$$, but at least there is no talk about GW updating them any time soon...

    Again, look at the "stickies" at the top of our forum....

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