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    Death Korp of Kreig Siege List Review

    Just finished readin Imperial Armour 5.

    So DDK army are supposed to be fire power, attrition based leaning towards a tendency to get into CC?

    Some features:
    -Line squads with no options for heavy weapons.
    -Grenadiers can't take plasma.
    -Centuars with 5 troop capacity and ability to charge out of and mount special or heavy weapon on.
    -Centuars come with s4 stubbers 5th ed ready!
    -With their expensive traits, they are likely to hold in combat till the last man is dead.
    -Massive choices for firesupport. Guns, guns and bigger guns!
    -Very expensive, point and $ wise.

    Some people might complain that you have to take those compulsary traits making everything 20 points more expensive. So take the other unique units like heavy mortars or quads. They don't pay extra.

    Another way to look at it is leave the line infantry the way they are. Their job is meant to get shot at. DDk list has massive potential for their indirect fire for relatively cheap points. Mortars, Earth Shakers etc.

    Also they have a fast and cheap transport Centuar which you can use for last turn grabs.

    -Bring lots of naked line squads as cannon fodder.
    -Use their unique firesupport choices, not firesupport squads that forces you to take the traits.
    -Charge with line squads if you think you have a reasonable chance of not dying in one turn.
    -Counter attack with Grenadiers mounted in Centuars with needed.
    -To win with the list you have to play like the fluff. Big guns with cannon fodder who doesn't mind CC.

    Anyone who has any comments to add or experiences to share?

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    "Hard pounding, gentlemen: but we shall see who can pound the longest."
    Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

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    The best thing about DKoK siege regiment is the damn incredible amount of artillery fire they can punish enemy with. But then they lack firepower to stop many armies. Better not to speak falsely, infantry squads with single plasma each and command with signle plasma each and grenadiers without them won't stop enemy. Not to mentiod Theoreticall usefulness of Heavy Mortars against Power Armours.

    No, ow, only Inferno shells could help them...

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    No thanks, to expensive, no Sentinels, no Chimeras, the Centaur is for mini-squads only and explode even more ease than a Rhino. More artillery in exchange of got one foot nailed to the floor is not my style. Play with a siege army, is for people that like to play Dwarfs in fantasy.

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