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    Senior Member bl00d bath76's Avatar
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    Space marine jump pack librarium.

    I had an idea for a librarium using the new codex rules. It is more expensive than a land raider cruisader however is as hard as nails and is awsome in close combat. This is it:

    artificer armour
    storm shield (Persuming it gives a 3+invn from shooting and assult and will be 20 pnts)
    Adamantium mantle
    Viel of time
    fury of the ancients
    Jump pack


    Now that may seem a lot of points which it is however this is what it can do.

    The jump pack combined with fury of the ancients means if he is not in assult range he can target units far away with fury of the ancients and get in a better position to do more damage because of the jump pack.

    Now if shooting him 3+ invun and 2+ normal save with no instant death and bionics means he will stay alive easily.

    Now if he assults you use viel of time meaning you can re-roll everything including armour saves. with a 2+ save and 3+ invun RE-ROLLING he is almost unstopable.
    Just post on what you think.

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    I'm back >.> Pickle's Avatar
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    The only trouble with planning now, is Wargear is liable to be dropped or changed, or price drops or rises. Powers may be lost etc as well, wait till it comes out to plan
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    Coming from the current Codex: Space Marines, he seems to have too much wargear. You are only allowed 100 pts of wargear, and you seem to have a bit more. So just drop the familiar and he should be legal under the current rules. Hope that helps.*
    On a different note, only use him in games in which he doesn't take up a large proportion of your points value, eg. 2000pt games. Even then he will take up over 10% of your allowance. Ouch.

    So, my advice: Drop some wargear, otherwise he will be a very expensive lascannon magnet.**
    And remember: expensive and powerful character= not as many troops= less scoring units= less likely to win a objectives based game. Which 2/3 of games willl be in 5th edition.

    Just my 2p.

    P.S. And it probably will be a good idea to wait until next edition to plan characters, as Pickle said.

    *By the way, I am simply guessing that there will still be a wargear limit next edition.
    **As most expensive characters are.

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    Senior Member distortiondave's Avatar
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    Bionics, Adamantine Mantle, Artificer Armour, Terminator Honours and Familiar are all likely to be dropped going off DA and BA dex.
    Psychic powers will change.

    He's almost usable now, but you won't be able to take half of the things listed in october.
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