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    A few 5th ed questions.

    Hello everyone! I have a few questions about 5th ed. 1st off it seem that repentia's, Acro's and penitent engines have been nerfed with the new rage rules. Sure they can run but can they assault after they run? (From what i have read they can not.)

    My second question is, why have assassin's been nerfed? I see everyone claiming this but apperantly I did not get the memo.

    Last but not least with the new pistol rule it seems to me that seraphims just got a huge hit with pistols being assault one. I had used them to double tap with DG in large squad and if something survived and assaulted me my SS with a eviserator would claim a few lives. Now? Im drawing blanks how will you my fellow gamers use seraphims now in fifth. (Or how you always used them it is a possiblity i used them in a misguided fashion.)

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    I had to go and reread the FAQ... That really really sucks...

    Here I was thinking that the Arcos, Repentia and Penitent Engine would suffer from Holy Rage (Maximum movement + D6) towards the nearest visible target, then be able to run (an extra d6) or charge (if they were close enough) but it appears I was mistaken..

    So yeah, a little bit more control, in a sense, and no more possible 18" charges.

    Maybe the new way to play this would be take a huge unit of repentia, and then kill off the mistress when you are close enough, as I would think that the righteous zeal rule will still mean charging fun.

    As to the Seraphim, I normally flamed, and shot once, and charged, bogged em down for a turn until the end of their assault phase, then hit and ran, rinse and repeat... spent three rounds trying to get rid of an immobilsed, armless venerable dread that was contesting an objective. Usually tried to attack units that couldn't do that much damage back at me.

    The way I understand assassins (and I have never taken them) is that they can now be independantly targeted, and as they also have the independant special rule, can not hide in units like an indepenant char can.

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