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    Need Guidence!!!

    Hi all, Im new to the forum and somewhat to the game. About a year ago i had a tyranid army which i was average with. I moved on from the game but from time to time wanting to come back. I have finally decided to and was thinking about a new space marine force. I understand that they are an elite bunch who are as hard as nails. Also taht they are very flexable with CC and ranged fighting. That is basically the extent of my knowledge. So any help or guidence on the army would be great. Also information on the specific chapters i.e(space wolves, black templers etc.) would be great.
    Thanks in advance


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    How about this, was gonna post this up along with more info, but we will see if people like it first

    Blood Angels (BA)
    Assault Heaven, Blood Angels can run Assault Squads as troops, enabling what can only be called the Flying Circus of Blood . This is a fun army to play, but get used to relying on Baal Predators and other options like Veteran Assault Squads for backup. Baal Predators are one of the best close support tanks because of their turret mounted Assault Cannon, yep, that's right, an Assault Cannon. The Death Company is unique to the Blood Angels Codex, blood hungry Marines charging at you with rending attacks, what's better Blood Angels also have access to the Furioso Dreadnought, a variant with two DCCW arms, one with a Meltagun underslung. This is a close combat monster and so is Mephiston, the Chapter's hero and highest ranked Librarian. Mephiston will shred through most troops of other armies with ease, and his ability to use multiple psychic powers a turn is awesome. I recommend this army if you like a fast and furious style of play, although they can be used just as well as a counter attack gun line army

    Dark Angels (DA)
    Now Dark Angels, this Chapter is a Jack of all Trades in ways, as its list incorporates three lists in one, Deathwing, Ravenwing and Normal Dark Angels. Also combinations of these are possible, creating one strong force to be reckoned with. Deathwing is an all Terminator force, relying on their ability to move and still shoot their heavy weapons. I will expand on the types of Dark Angels armies in a later Tactica. Ravenwing is an all bike force, relying on speed and hit and run tactics to win. Normal Dark Angels is a mix of these with normal Marines, Scouts and everything else thrown in. One other variant is Multiwing, which is a hybrid of Deathwing and Ravenwing, relying on the Ravenwing elements to bring the Deathwing in close for the kill. Dark Angels are great for beginners and veterans combined as their are many styles to play and challenges to get past.

    Space Wolves (SW)
    Have to take 1 HQ for every 750pts of army. Can take a Venerable Dread for one HQ choice. Long fangs, the Space Wolves Devastators can shoot two targets per turn enabling them to cause even more destruction. Scouts in a Space Wolves army are unique for now in their ability to arrive from reserves form any edge on the table, perfect for a rear armour shot on that pesky tank. Logan Grimnar is one tough cookie, being suited up in Terminator armour, bringing the fight to the enemy and utterly destroying them. A very well balanced army, still slightly assault based though.

    Black Templars (BT)

    Now these are fun, 20 man squads consisting of 10 Marines and 10 Scouts, with a maximum of 60 attacks on the charge, sounds like you? This is now the only Chapter who can have the Emperor's Champion, a great little character who is compulsory when over 750pts. As many Land Raiders as you want, up to 14 on one standard FOC. These have no Psykers, Sergeants, Scout Bikes or Whirlwinds, preferring to engage up close and personal, one of the famous tear you apart with a chainsword Chapters. If your squad suffers a casualty, you can choose to move 1D6 towards your opponent's closest unit or if you run a Chaplain with that squad, you can move where you want. Has a lack of Teleport Homers because of no Sergeants causing Terminators to deep strike in blind or to ride in a Land Raider, which isn't that bad really Mainly an assault type army but can be played multiple ways such as mechanized, drop pod etc.

    Ultramarines (UM)
    Follows the standard codex with a few more goodies added, like Honour Guard, Tyrannic Veterans etc. Honour Guard can form a command squad for HQs or can join Tactical or Devastator squads. Honour Guard are hard as rock in combat. Ultramarines are great for basic strategies and are very well balanced, suitable for newer players.

    Grey Knights (GK)
    I think you're mistaken you wanna be here. They are way above us or are they...

    Other Premade Chapters
    Chapters like White Scars, Salamanders etc, now have a preset set of Traits, at the end of the Army Lists, follow these for the best way to play them. Subject to change in 5th Edition Codex. Subject to change in 5th Edition Codex.

    Vanilla (VA)
    Follows the standard Codex, Tactics for this style of army can be found easily via Google or wait a while and you might get one written by me Great for basic strategies and is very well balanced, suitable for new players, who aren't sure yet. Subject to change in 5th Edition Codex.

    Traited (TR)
    A Vanilla army with just that little bit more. These traits can improve your Vanilla Chapter from as <E!_Mance> put it, a piece of sharpened fruit to a master-crafted power weapon. It takes a balance of advantages & disadvantages to make them. Subject to change in 5th Edition Codex.

    And if you actually read that hope it helps.
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    listen to pickle, he knows all.

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    Or this thread written by E_mance, a marine expert:

    Please remember to check out the stickies and use a bit of initiative!

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