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    General question

    After all the rants have died down about lack of support for the =][= in general i went to ask a couple of red shirts, including the manager whats the deal-e-o. Even tho i asked then over the course of two days the answer was unanimus. 'Well not much is known about the =][= is there. Thier top secret!' One member went so far as to wiggle his fingers mysteriously. Now last time i looked i wasnt 10 so i was rather unimpresed with the answer. Just wondering if anyone else has had this answer, is it whats been handed down from above to the staffers to then pass on to us?


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    yeh... because staffers know stuff. they obviously are all best mates with jervis johnson and gav thorpe and the rest of the designers. They all have big cocktail parties and go "So, whats going on with the 40k inquisitor armies?".

    Why should the staffers know anything more than you. As a benchmark, assume staffers are lying. It keeps me in good stead. when the rules for a defiler first came out, and i didnt know them, i was told you had to roll 2 imobilised results to make them actually imobilised because they have 6 legs.
    I was told there would be a large change to the "to hit" tables of the cc by the manager of my local.
    another shop also told me to save up for my new plastic thunderhawk, coming out in 2 months.

    They love talking out of where the sun doesnt shine. Your best source for news is bell of lost souls.

    other than that warseer

    I hope i havent offended any redshirts who genuinely dont talk total and utter bull that are on this site. i have been to 7 GW shops, and all the redshirts have all been exactly like this.

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