I've recently introduced a squad of wolf scouts into my space wolves army (replacing one of my dreadnoughts, pointswise)

On the day i bought the models, I also proxied some wolf scouts in a game against some ultramarines since, obviously, the models have not been built yet. (if you're wondering why I bought the models BEFORE trying out the game, its because I won a event battle which came with some store credit. I've been contemplating wolf scouts for a while and when i won i went right for them)

Scouts have the behind enemy lines special rule that allows one unit of them to be held in reserve and enter from the opponents board edge. As far as I understand, entering from the enemy board edge, I am to place the scouts right along the edge. This leaves me with 2 questions, both of which came up in this game.

Question 1: Do they have to enter battle 18" away from enemies, like as though they were infiltrating? I would think not, since it is entering from reserves rather than deploying, so it is more akin to deep striking. (Still staying 1" away from enemy models though, obviously) According to my local staff, anywhere along the edge, no 18" restriction.

Question 2: Can they move, shoot, and assault on the turn they come in? I would think so, as sitting at the edge of the board for one full turn makes little sense to me. Also, this is not a deployment or a drop pod/deep strike. They are simply coming from behind the enemy. Being on the edge of the table is not counting as their movement, like say drop podding. It's just where they start their turn when they come in. According to my local staff, I can do all three on the turn they enter.

I checked the codex entry and the FAQ, and there is nothing on this. Do any of you know of information from a source I've missed?