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    'Codex Daemons' Hunters

    I was thinking about putting together an Inquisitor Lord with all the Daemon Hunting goodies because we have had a sudden influx of 'Codex Daemons' players at my local club...

    i was thinking Inq Lord w/ Daemon hammer, Artificer Armour, Grimour of true names, purity seals (fluffy )

    -3 CC Servitors (powerfist+CCW)
    -Heirophant (maybe 2)
    -Acolyte (maybe 2 w/ something good against daemons haven't decided what yet)

    i have no idea what else to include though

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. i was also thinking about including 2 squads of 10 Inq ST one squad 2xPlasma, the other with 2x Melta and rhino
    and using this as a basis for a Radical DH =][=

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    Best anti daemon build for an inquisitor is sancuary + 3 heavy bolter servitors + 1 mystic and just stand in cover in your little bubble and shoot them down.

    If you really want one for cc vs them the following is better then what you posted.

    inquisitor =
    - anionted weapon,frags, sacred incease, grimoire of true names, bolt pistol
    - 3 acolytes w/ combat shield
    - 1 familiar
    - 1 heirophants
    - 1 combat servitor

    Best unit vs them is GM with hammerhand (since it will make you count as having 2 ccw and it can be great vs things without an armor save) + sacred incease and grimoire of true names. He will hit almost all daemons on 3s and wound on 2s at effective init 6(nfw not so great since it just causes instant death now and they are immune to that)
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