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Thread: Puppies

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    I just finished painting today, my space wolves army
    This is my first painted army, so go easy please. My first army was Tau, but I only painted half the army, and even the models from that half only are half painted. So... First painted army. I hope that wasn't too confusing.

    Space Wolves
    1000pt battle company
    Company name: ?
    *The members of this battle company are staunch supporters of affirmative action. They are after all, led by a freakin werewolf

    Blood Claws Pack
    Codename: Squad Firecrotch

    Blood Claws Pack
    Codename: Squad Asian

    Grey Hunters Pack
    Codename: Squad Token
    *One member of the squad is of darker complexion. You can't see his face because his helmet's on. Still, the squad was named to represent this
    *The models look like they all have power weapons, but they just count as close combat weapons, as I had nothing else to model them with
    *There are 11 in the picture, but I only play games with 10. One of them is just a demo marine I painted to match

    Wolf Scouts
    Codename: Squad Jockstrap
    *Space marine scouts come in a box of 5, there are 6 in the picture. How did I do it?
    *The answer; mr melta is made from tau legs and tactical marine power armour torso.
    *Of note are the football stripes under the eyes to go with the jockstraps
    *One of these models represents me personally
    *Here's a closer look at the crowning jewel of the battle company: me
    *Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Wolf Lord
    Name: Santa's Little Helper

    Venerable Dreadnought
    Name: Popcan
    *It's not done yet. I haven't primed and painted this one because I may add more to it to make it more ornate and set it apart from a normal dreadnought
    *That's a Forge World plasma cannon

    Next step is the bases. I plan on getting my basing lesson sometime this week in the store.
    Also, I may choose to add pupils to all the exposed eyes. As of now they are all plain white.
    When this model comes out in the fall, it will be my new wolf lord. My current one will then become a close combat monster, AKA: Mark of the Wulfen (I may go for higher points or do some downsizing to make room
    SM-sicarius.jpg (image)

    The Army List
    (I may change little bits of it later due to 5th edition)

    Wolf Lord
    Frost Sword, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman, Wolf Pelt

    Venerable Dreadnought
    Plasma Cannon, Fist with Storm Bolter, Extra Armour

    6 Wolf Scouts
    Meltagun, Meltabombs

    10 Grey Hunters
    Bolters, CCW

    15 Blood Claws
    Bolt Pistols, CCW

    15 Blood Claws
    Bolt Pistols, CCW

    47 Bodies, 1 Vehicle
    6 Units
    998 Points

    Track Record:
    Haven't lost yet;
    Haven't tied yet;
    Haven't won by a small margin yet;
    This army has done nothing but get "victorious slaughter" each and every game. (7 or 8 so far?)
    Let that be a message for armies to diversify and fill their diversity quotas. jk
    Don't mean to brag
    I just thought I'd point out their record to those who may question the effectiveness of an all infantry army.
    In fact, that's what makes it so effective in the game: it's a lot of bodies in 1000pts. And not just bodies; MEQs. 40 of them are in scoring units.

    Thanks for your time

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    Footslogging it works out well for you then? That's always good. Who does your Wolf Lord normally run with/ have you ever run into problems when facing multiple tanks? You really have only one AT weapon, though the Plasma Cannon can often cut its own weight.

    Just wondering if I should try something similar, not trying to be snippy.

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    You bring up a very good point on tanks

    i've been vaguely aware of this shortcoming, but decided i'd figure it out as i went.

    At its conception, this army had a second dreadnought, and no scouts.
    The venerable had a plasma and missile, while the normal one had unmodified assault cannon and fist

    as it turns out, tanks are a non issue for the most part.

    now that assaulting vehicles goes to the rear armour, they will be dealing with AV 10. Blood claws have 4 attacks on the charge, and each of the 2 squads come in 15. that's 60 attacks on the charge for an intact squad. Although blood claws come with frag grenades by default, I never use them to assault the vehicle. The frags are only S4, and blood claws are S4, so I always choose to use their normal attacks against vehicles rather than their grenades.
    The result is 60 attacks each able to glance. If it is the squad the wolf lord is attached to, then another 6 attacks, S5 - able to Pen.
    Note that immobilising/destroying weapons enough times will wreck the vehicle. Also, infantry and vehicles are never locked in combat, and so the next turn, because they didn't "stay in combat" with the vehicle, if it survived, you can assault it again even if you are already in base to base contact, and it counts as charging into a new combat - 60 more attacks.

    This leaves things that do not have a weaker rear armour, or it has a WS.

    I first ran into this problem facing Grey Knights. I was up against a Land Raider Crusader and some pure grey knights. I outnumbered them about 2.5 to 1. The knights were slaughtered to a man, leaving the LRC i couldn't touch except for 1 krak missile from my ven dreadnough, and a fist from my normal dread. I've faced enemy dreadnoughts, they are also a non issue.

    Having started the hobby with Tau, being deprived of Railguns feels like such a crutch. Anyways, I was convinced to take a second look at the wolf scout entry in the codex. I dropped the dread, and replaced the Ven dread's missile with the fist to make the room for the scouts. Now I can and do handle everything

    How I field the scouts depend entirely on the enemy's force (his biggest vehicle). I could deploy them normally, within my own deployment zone. Or, I can set them up somewhere using infiltrate. Or I can outlfank. Or I can use their own behind enemy lines rule. I almost always use the last one.

    One melta shot (from the rear) followed by 6 meltabomb charges against vehicles. usually if that vehicle is that far back, it remained stationary as it's usually something shooty hiding the corner hugging the table edge. But they are not restricted to vehicles, they can also pacify the enemy's firebase (such as dark reapers, broadsides, devastators, and the like) The scouts may not always be able to kill them, but they'll tie up a more expensive unit than themselves.

    Model count is my strength
    If the enemy has too many vehicles, their infantry portion will start being considerably smaller (less points) than my force. Not many infantry units can survive the blood claw onslaught, especially when they put too many points in non-scoring vehicles. Once their infantry are wiped out (the less points of infantry, the easier) they'll be out of scoring units. Not only infantry, but troop choice infantry; almost no infantry that are troops can stad up to the blood claws, it's usually elites or something that stands a chance.
    If it's not an objective game, but kill points, every vehicle i wreck is a kill point; whereas the opponent will have to kill a considerable amount of MEQ's for a single kill point. The wolf lord is very survivable in that he can shift over to the other squad (squad of 15 in fact) if things start getting too hot.
    The ven dread is also quite survivable with it's extra armour and "hard to kill" rule

    The typical game involves the opponent deciding the ven dread and grey hunters are the priority targets and that i'm trying to sit them back. So while they blast away at them, 30 blood claws and a wolf lord make a mad dash forward. The plasma cannon from the dread all the while blasts away at things like terminators. On the turn the commando scouts show up (usually right as I hit the enemy with the blood claws) they break something precious in the enemy's rear, or hold them in combat unil the blood claws come to meet up. Classic pincer move.
    That's usually what happens, although there is surprisingly quite some tactical manouverability in this force.

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