Demon Hunters Or Witch Hunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    which are better?

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    simply put dude THERE IS NO BETTER ONE!

    they both have their strengths and weaknesses

    witch hunters have lotsa meltaguns plasma guns (i think)
    and just basically a mass 3+ save army which is pretty good.
    they also have immolators and exorcists exorcists being a BIG reason to get witch hunters

    low toughness and just not being to good at assault are this armies weakness

    daemonhunters we have grey knights one of the best assault troops in the game
    we have NFW's and they all have a 3+ save obviosly but even though we are'nt decked out in melta and plasma weapons we ar'ent designed to out shoot the enemy even though every grey knight has a storm bolter helps
    we are designed to warp anywhere on the map and just disrupt enemy plans and basically attack where he doesnt want us to
    we use alot of deepstriking and are basically a very quick army to get into assault

    our downfalls are just basically not having numbers and not having many anti-tank weapons thats why many poeple take us as allies.

    but since your an ultramarines player you wont have to worry about no anti-tank weapons since you guys have your equivalent errrrrrrr devastator squads i believe
    plus predators.

    so basically the choice is up to you. AND THERE IS NO BETTER ONE. which-hunters can kill daemonhunters and vice-versa

    and there ya go
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    and flee in disarray,

    Cowards will cry 'tis best to fly
    and fight another day,

    But warriors know it in their marrow when they
    die and fall,

    It is better to have fought and lost than not have
    fought at all.

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