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Thread: Custodian Guard

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    A lot of my friends talk about the Custodian Guard and how cool they are but i have to admit i dont actually know that much about them.

    Im led to believe that theyre kinda like the emperors elite guard, but what makes them so good as to be chosen in this way?

    And do you think they will ever release models for them?

    All info and comments welcome

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    I believe fluff on them in particular is a bit sparse. I will pull out my old 2nd Edition fluff book (it listed pretty much all of the Imperial organizations) and see if it has some info on them when I get a chance. However, the Adeptus Custodes are basically the Emperor's guards. As such, they pretty much rock in combat. There is a thread going on in the Demonhunters forum about them which talks a lot about them.

    As for Games Workshop releasing them, I doubt this will ever happen, and if it does, I doubt it would be accompanied by stats. The Adeptus Custodes do a pretty good job of staying on task, and focus pretty much purely on protecting the Emperor. During the Age of Apostasy, it was a big thing for their leader and a few of his people to leave the Imperial Palace just to go to the other side of Terra where the Ecclessiarchical Palace was under siege by a number of Space Marine Chapters and the Adeptus Mechanicus, in order to convince the leader of the Adeptus Sororitas that Vandire (the Ecclessiarch at the time) needed to go. Think about that: they did not do that until after the Adeptus Mechanicus and several Chapters of Space Marines had been pounding away on the Ecclessiarchy's Palace for a while! I cannot see a situation in which they would leave Terra to do battle somewhere else. Frankly, I cannot see them actually ever getting in to a fight unless Chaos made it back to Terra again, due to the importance of what they do.
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