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    Best way to go for my converted HQ?

    I've been working on an HQ model for a while, but can't decide how to play him. I can think of three configurations:

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord
    Weapons: Daemonhammer, Bolt Pistol
    Wargear: Emperor's tarot, Icon of the Just, Targeter
    Psychic Powers: Scourging
    Points: 132 + Retinue

    Pros: Strongest in close combat, Does not use "counts as" rules, Has psychic powers
    Cons: Must have retinue, Slowest in close combat, Expensive

    Ordo Herecticus Inquisitor Lord
    Weapons: Power Weapon, Inferno Pistol
    Wargear: Liber Heresius, Rosarius, Psyocculum
    Psychic Powers: Divine Pronouncement, Hammer of the Witches
    Points: 158 + Retinue (must include familiar)

    Pros: Most useful out of close combat, Does not use "counts as" rules, has psychic powers
    Cons: Weakest configuration for close combat, Most expensive

    "Prophet" (counts as Canoness)
    Weapons: Blessed Weapon, Inferno Pistol
    Wargear: Book of St. Lucius, Rosarius
    Psychic Powers: none
    Points: 120

    Pros: No Retinue, Balance of strength/speed in close combat, Least Expensive, Faithful
    Cons: Uses "counts as" rules, No psychic powers

    As far as my preferences are concerned, I'd rather not have a retinue (what are thoughts on paying-points-for-but-not-deploying an Inquisitor Lord's retinue, possibly taking advantage of the associated stat bumps ?) and I'd rather not use counts as rules. Also, ideally, this HQ needs to be able to hold its own in close combat.

    Thoughts? Any input is appreciated.


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    Can only commen on the Ordos Inquisitor, but most people agree that CC Inquisitors are not worth the points. a BC/GM will do a much better job in CC and cost less.

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    use them for what they are best at

    Inqistitors for Hq are great as they can choose to pass or fail Ld/moral making them "hang arounders"
    put 5 stoormies behind them on an objective and wath your opponent work for it.

    truth be told they are really only great at being fire support (imo)
    there was a time you could tweek a ret.s stat(4th Ed) to get 2+ saves for the whole squad and just camp out sniping entire squads away ... this has changed some what (5th Ed) but is still prob the best my advise would be drop all the extras and buy some heavy bolters and plasma support in the form of a ret.maybe artifacer armour for the sv. and some mystics or...whatever (hellfire build?)
    try 2 of those squads to really wack your opp. troops.

    try think of the ret as extra wounds/save oppertunities dont leave home without them.

    There are of course other options based on whether you know who you will be facing(eg. chaos)

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