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    My personal company challenge

    Well here is the situation. I have just been in a work place accident, and as such I am getting a nice payout, but I am also pretty much out of action for the next 3/4 months. I have always had a dream of doing an entire space marine company, including all forms of support. My plan is to use my new found spare cash, and extra time to realise my dream.
    So this brings me onto the point of this post. Following is a list of what I shall be including, and YES buying modelling and painting. What I would like though is to know what people think in regards to balance, ie what things I should have that arn't listed and the numbers I am including, ie how many predators do you think woyuld be readilly available etc.
    So here goes:

    6 x 10 man tactical squads
    2 x 10 man assault squads
    2 x 10 man devastator squads
    1 x 10 man sternguard squad
    1 x 10 man vanguard squad
    1 x 5 man Teminator squad
    1 x 5 man Terminator assault squad
    2 x 5 man scout squad plus landspeeder storms
    1 x 5 man scout bike squad
    2 x 5 man scout squads
    2 x 5 man bike squads
    3 x attack bikes
    4 x landspeeders
    2 x landspeeder tornadoes
    2 x landspeeder typhoons
    10 x rhinos
    6 x razor backs
    6 x predators
    4 x whirlwinds
    4 x vindicators
    2 x landraiders std
    1 x Landraider crusader
    1 x landraider Redeemer
    1 x Landraider prometheus
    1 x Landraider Terminus
    8 x drop pods
    4 x dreadnoughts
    1 x ven dread
    1 x ironclad dread
    1 x chapter master
    1 x captain
    1 x reclusiarch
    1 x master of sanctity
    1 x epistolray
    1 x codicier
    2 x 5 man command squads
    3 x techmarines one with thunderfire

    So thats my list so far.
    YES THIS IS A MASSIVE TASK, but like I said I have 3/4 months to kill.
    Also I would like to get a few thunderhawks for the company. But I am not sure on the balance. Was thinking 2 x gunships and 3 x transporters.

    Anyway all thoughts welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm basing my Dark Angel company on the siege of vraks - it's got a FOC summary used in the campaign at the back. (I'm doing the 5th company 1st, and am 60% painted now) - i'm not going to get 22 land raiders though!

    I'd suggest paying £ 150+ for a really good airbrush.

    I'd also suggest doing the company first, then getting support - don't even buy te support until the company's done or the temptation's too great.

    I did: Company (10x squads boxed set)
    + Techmarine + 3x dreads
    + Belial + 3x Term Squads
    + sammael + 2 ravenwing squads (2x boxed sets + extra speeder
    + 2x whirlwinds
    + land raider
    + predator
    + extra razorback+command squad + chaplain
    + scouts

    It ends up at approx 7000 points (Including force organisation cost from apocalypse) - all i need is Black reach terms + dreadnaught, and the whirlwind boxed set (+speeder)

    As it's a modelling oppertunity too i'm so pleased i chose Dark Angels as the vets boxed set and ravenwing sprue are fantastic.

    p.s. It doesn't "click" with each squad having drop pods and rhinos - To me it's one or the other. (I do get that having them as a option for games is a good idea)
    May I reccomend hunting about for some deals on Ebay? Heck, when i spend over £ 40 i don't just search, i negotiate (With the ebay shops, - e.g. would you be able to give me a discount for 40x tac marines in rhino's etc) - 50% of the time I can get some sort of a deal.
    And buying in bulk like this is definately worthwhile. I'd even try to negotiate with GW staff - I have successfully twice in the past (spending over £ 200 each time though, it's manager's discresion and your local may not have the option. P.s. they can't give discounts, but ask for extra's thrown in like a old carry case or glue and spray etc.)
    Last edited by stayscrunchyinmilk; August 18th, 2008 at 12:03. Reason: p.s.

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    I've got most of a company- infantry at any rate, not so much of the support. I've managed to get it painted over most of a year with ToP painting only a few hours per week.

    My advice would be to make sure you choose a scheme you can paint quickly and efficiently. Having to paint fiddly bits of every marine will sap your will to live.
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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    First of all, I'd like to say how sorry I am to here you were injured at work. I really hope the injury is not a lasting problem, and I hope it isn't serious. (I am guessing you work at Kelloggs?)

    Next up, congratulations on the pay-out. By the looks of the list, you got a fair amount there. Perhaps a 2-week cruise around the Bahamas would be a nice way to see in the next 9 months of glue, paint and the arthritis that is bound to follow this wonderful collection

    Anyway, the company.
    From the list, I can't really work out what chapter you’re going for. Is there any specific chapter you’re working towards? Or does that not matter?

    In order to follow 'typical' chapter fluff, your list is a little out. I suggest checking out Codex Astartes - Lexicanum for more information on the general make up of a each company in a chapter. If this is a DIY chapter, then I can't see any problems with putting 20vets & 10termies in with a normal battle company.

    The amount of armored support you’re pushing forward seems pretty intense. As crunchy said, I'd get the men made and painted before even buying any of those support units. (I'm limiting myself to finishing 10 men per side of a vehicle. Yes, I have a patch-work predator now!)

    Good luck with all that (and send pics!)


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