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Thread: 2nd SM army?

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    2nd SM army?

    **Would it be stupid to make a 2nd SM army using a different codex and paint scheme?

    **Or should I just keep adding to my current SM army?

    What SM codexs are out there? DA, SM, SW, and BA?

    Which is the furthest away from the SM's?

    My company is a renegade sm army (on the verge of nurgle) using the reg sm codex. I currently have 2500 points. I have also heard that sometimes a single marine, a full squad, an entire company, or complete chapter can go renegade...

    **So could I like paint 1 ultra dude, a salamander, an imperial fist, etc etc, and put them into my renegade company?

    **What icon would they use...their old one or my icon?

    See my minis @ http://www.40kforums.com/phpBB3/view...hp?f=2&t=49966

    Rebel Space Marines (W-L-D) 5-6-5 Morale Victory 0

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    Too many questions at one my friend...

    Why stupid? I am expanding both my SM armies at the moment. Both the Space Wolves and the Iron Hands...

    You have the codexes right... I don't know with the new one coming out what they will change though... the furthest Chapter from the teachings of the Codex Astartes is as everyone knows Space Wolves... they adhere their traditions...

    For your renegade army now. You can use whatever you like. A single mini, a tac squad, the commander anything... about the badge... since they are renegades they use their previous sign with a red X on it... I think I have seen it in the Chaos Codex...
    Thanks to all the people showing faith in me

    I sometimes feel that everyone will leave me and they will be on their own...

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