this is my first army list i have created as i am new to the hobby. i am creating an assault orineted army for my newly created chapter. they are called the rising suns and are based off the salamander gene seed. their trait advantages are blessed be the warrios and take the fight to them. the disadvantage are either eye to eye or flesh over steel.


Captain with jump pack, power sword, and combi meltagun


Tactical squad (10 marines) with 1 missle launcher

Tacticsl squad (10 marines)

Combat squad (5 marines) with sergeant teminator honors (powersword) they also have close combat weapons and bolt pistols instead of bolters due to take the fight to them.

Fast Attack

Assasult squad (10 marines) with 2 plasma pistols and sergeant terminator honors (par of lighting claws) and 2 of them have furious charge skill

Land speeder squad (3 speeders) 2 of them with multi meltas and the other one with typhoon missles


The asault marines and captain deepstrike and annhilate any troops in way. I then push forward with infantry and flank the enmy heavy weapons and tanks with speeders to anhilate them with multi meltas and the launcher.

total the list is 1001

for the same total i could switch out the captain for a chaplain with jumpack and give the second tactical squad a multi melta. but i would have to take away the 2nfurious charge skills from the assault marines

so what do u guys think? all comments and suggestions would be appreciated.