I was torn between Death Korp and Mordian because I really dont care for having the new plastic Cadians when every other kid at my tournie also has them, and because I liked the fluff behind the Iron Guard.

Anyway Death Korp are way too expensive so Ive decided to order some Iron Guard.

I dont have an army list yet as Im new to Guard and our independent retalier doesnt have a dex in stock as of now, so this isnt a list so to say rather a skeleton to which I hope you guys can make some suggestions. If this does count as a list im sorry mods, just move it.

HQ: Basic Command Squad, havent decided on wargear but definitely

2x Flamer

AT: 3xLC


Two Identical Platoons

4x Guard

2x Squad: GL




Leman Demo, Plasma Sponsons

Leman Battle Tank, HB sponsons.

Pretty standard IG list, but Im counting on the old Mordian minatures to nab me some fluff points. Wondering if I should add in more infantry squads, but that means I would have to take out one of the tanks which im fine with but theres really no point in having a single leman russ out there, it would just become a massive points drain.

I could of course get some basis isntead of lemans but its effing cheap and boring and my guessing skills are chancy at best.

Comments welcome. thanks.