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    GM Custom hero for a mega battle

    ok so me and some friends are doing a mega battle this week and we are gonna have 1 custom hero for the loyalist and one for the traitors. We are trying to have them be balanced so let me know you guys think.

    The Loyalist have a Grandmaster as follows.

    WS = 6
    BS = 6
    S = 4 (6/10 )
    T = 4 (5)
    W = 3
    A = 4
    I = 5
    Ld = 10
    Sv = 2+/5+*

    Wargear = Hammer of the Ascendant, Aegis of the Ascendant, Suit of the Ascendant, Grimoire of True Names, Scourging, Sacred Incense.

    Hammer of the Ascendant = is a master crafted NFW that may be used as a thunder hammer. (the plus 2 effect from being a NFW is after it is doubled)
    Aegis of the Ascendant = is a stormshield that grants a 3+ invulnerable save.
    Suit of the Ascendant = is terminator armor that grants +1 toughness.

    Special rules =
    Independant Character:
    Grey Knight: as per codex.
    Eternal Warrior: as per the USR.

    Traitors have a Daemon Prince as follows.

    WS = 9
    BS = 5
    S = 7
    T = 5 (6)
    W = 4
    A = 5
    I = 6
    Ld = 10
    Sv = 3+/4+*

    Wargear = ccw, wings, nurgles rot, lash of submission, warp time and bolt of change.

    Special rules =
    Monstrous Creature:
    Eternal Warrior: as per the USR.
    Mark of the Gods: as the mark of khorne, slaanesh, tnzeetch and nurgle. (already added)
    Meta Mind: may use up to 3 psychic powers a turn but may not use the same power twice.

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    well i wish i was takeing part in that mega battle!!!!

    the rules sound ballanced to me as you are useing one (UBER) hero each side but i would say the demon prince is still sligtly better (just my feeling) as 3 phyckic powers a turn could hurt. but you do have mr. awfully horrid grand master so i wont be to worryed

    sounds like your guna have a blast (why arn't my gaming pals so organized!!!!)
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