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    Blood Ravens 'Fated' 5th

    Hi chaps

    I know not much is known about the BR 5th company who disappeared in the warp - the only thing I've read about it is on lexicanum, but as my homeless marines are still homeless I'm often thinking of ideas to finally give them purpose.

    The whole lost in the warp thing is vague, but given their predisposition to librarians and psychic abilities, and the potential Thousand Son lineage, it isn't too much of a leap in logic to make them tzeentchian followers really.

    The main barrier is fluff, or lack of, and that making my own 'fill in the blanks' fluff could lead to problems should the DoW games or GW fluff ever expand on the 5th company.

    I was thinking of using the CSM dex to make lexicanium led squads using 1ksons rules, and the rest of the army using standard CSM squads with Icon of Tzeentch, with probably a counts as Ahriman leader. The fact that its a company that got lost already narrows down my choices - no terminators, scouts, defilers.

    I don't want them to look too chaotic, maybe a few chaos heads or shoulder pads, but that is dependent on the fluff route really, and their opinion on the Emperor and/or Imperium. (to eagle, or not to eagle, that is the question)

    So I'm looking for ideas really, ideas and speculation.
    Would they still be loyal to the emperor? Could they be loyal both to the Emperor AND Tzeentch? Were they tricked into becoming servants of tzeentch, did they go willingly? Did long term exposure to the warp enhance their psychic powers? Mutate them? Did they push the quest for knowledge too far and open doors that shouldn't have been opened? Do the Blood Ravens know what happened? The Inquisition?

    Stuff like that - I know I'm not really asking a question as such, but this is feasible both fluff wise and modelling wise, moreso than many of my more outrageous ideas (sons of antaeus - who am I kidding?) and any input would be great

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    First off i suggest that you read DoW: Tempest.

    Would they still be loyal to the emperor?
    Thats up to you since its not written any where yet, they could be renegades and still serve the Emperor like the Soul Drinkers
    Could they be loyal both to the Emperor AND Tzeentch?
    Absolutely not! Although they could beleive that they still serve the emperor but in reallity are being manpulated by tzeentch to do his bidding.
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