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    Cheesy Blood Angels Combo

    I tried out a list the other day for the upcoming 'Ard Boyz tourney. I put Dante with an honor guard and I put Corbulo in a combat squad in a rhino. I ran both these units up the field (at Dark Angels), flanked by a 5-man assault squad and a 5-man Veteran Assault Squad (VAS).
    The combination of Dante giving all units within 12" the special rule preferred enemy, and Corbulo giving all units within 12" Furious Assault was amazing. Plus Dante lowered the BS and WS of units within 6". I had the Chapter Banner too (giving the whole unit +1 attack) but I took a chance and jumped into dangerous terrain and he was the unlucky one that rolled a "1."
    The DA chapter master was there, and he was pretty tough, being in a 10 man squad and he gave them all a 4+ invuln save. It was a very fun game for both of us and it was based on Kill Points. The other player had the special librarian character, too, but Corbulo and 3 tactical marines took him down in one turn.

    (This didn't seem like a real battle report, so I posted it here. Hope that's ok!)

    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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    sounds like pure carnage! i love it! im thinking of starting a BA army, they seem so brutal compared to my Ultramarines ^_^

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