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    Its not quite complete but getting close. Let me know what you think and whats wrong with it so I can start shopping for these things....

    HQ (349)
    GK Grand Marshal (145)
    psychic hood (20)
    4x terminator (184)

    Troops (250)
    1x Justicar (50)
    8x GK (200)

    Troops (250)
    1x Justicar (50)
    8x GK (200)

    Elites (265)
    1x Brother Captain (61)
    4x Terminators (184)

    Heavy (270)
    1x Justicar (50)
    4x GK w/ Pscycannon (220)

    Heavy Dreadnought (130)
    Dreadnought (80)
    Twin-linked lascannon (50)

    Evil Homer

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    First off, this belongs in the Army Lists forum, so mod's please kick it over there. Now down to business:

    HQ: Psychic hood is something I haven't seen in a while. At 20 pts, it might be better to just get Ungents of Warding unless you're facing a psyker-heavy army. Combine UoW with the inherent Aegis ability of all GK, and most psykers won't be able to harm the GM anyways. Other than that potential change, the HQ looks good. If he dies a lot in early games, toss Icon of the Just onto the GM and see how that works.

    Elites: By itself, this unit looks good. Considering the size of this army, though, you might better spend those points on more troops.

    Heavy: On a Dread, I usually take the Missile Launcher upgrade, because I feel that GK don't need the Dread's help in combat but could use his ranged anti-armor abilities. If you want to keep the CCW, maybe upgrade to an Incinerator as well, so he has a good pre-assault kick as well. Again, that's completely a matter of taste. Extra Armor and Smoke are must-haves, for a total of 8 pts.

    The second heavy unit, the Purg squad, is nice. I don't see a lot of these in GK armies because of the cost, but if you're not going to induct any troops, these guys make for a great firebase. Nothing wrong with them at all.

    Troops: This is the only problem I see. Granted, both squads are 9 strong, but the total number of models might be a problem. 33 models and a Dread is low, even for a DH army. My own army has around 50 models at 1500 pts!

    Both of these squads have to march the field, as they cannot Deepstrike. That makes them very very vulnerable to enemy fire. Remember: despite all the cool abilities, GK's need to get into CC to shine, and they die just as easily as normal marines to shooting! The same applies to the Termies, unless you plan on deepstriking them (unsupported&#33 into the enemy. And Dread's are going to attract every can-opener in the enemy's army.

    I'd say to drop the second Termie squad. Maybe add one or two to the GM's retinue if you really want to, but definitely add another maxed out GK unit! Three units of 8-10 strong plus a Dread gives your opponent a few more targets, more if you're not deepstriking the Termies.

    If you ARE deepstriking the Termies, give a TP Homer to one or two of the Justicars. Works wonders on freaking out the enemy when a small squad of GK is suddenly backed up by a 5+ unit of GK Termies!

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