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Thread: codex 'deamons'

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    codex 'deamons'

    ive read somewhere that most of the grey knight rules are now redundant against deamons,i have no problem with this as i play a radical army but i was just wondering why codex deamons is called codex DEAMONS if they are not classed as deamons.


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    They are classed as deamons (sort of) its just that our rules were for things like instability tests or (on an un deamon note) to ignore minor psi powers both of which no longer exist.
    Welcome to the joys of using a late 3rd ed dex in a 5th ed world.
    Its generally agreed the GKs are over priced and part of this comes from these ability's having no use but we still pay for them and also we dont get stuff marines do a'la combat squads, frag/krak grenades and free special/heavy weapon options.
    A good example - you could argue that harlequins get a VERY good version of shrouding (no see over 24') and a bunch of other cool rules but they are a lot cheaper than GKs.
    Don't think about deamons if you play GKs (which is unfortunate) think like everyone else as in "how can i kill a marine army" and you'll do fine.
    Oh sorry to ramble on, a little tipsy atm

    I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

    Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

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    Deamons from deamon codex are indeed not classed deamons in our book, but are classified as deamons in their codex. At least, I think this counts
    If a deamon player start complaining about all our deamon hate items, put it this way:
    "Are you sure your guys aren't deamons? Because if you say that, you are also saying they don't have an invulnerable save, aren't fearles and that they can be insta-killed. Is that really what your are saying to me?"


    "Look at the page of my codex. Read out loud what it says in top. DEAMONHUNTERS. Got the points already, or do you want to read the fluff too?"

    And yeah, sure our codex is outdated, and sure our guys are expensive. And yeah, we do pay a lot for things that don't do anything really. Still, we got in my oppinion the coolest guys around, and this army isn't (anymore at least ) an army for beginners. You really have to know how to play, to make it work. You have to make the army work for your, and this takes a lot of time. And that it the cool thing to me
    Tyranids Win [31]/ Draw [0]/Lost [0]
    Daemon Hunters Win [17]/ Draw [2]/ Lost [1]

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