howdy everyone. finally got my pictures uploaded so ill post a few pics of my painted imperial guard army so far. No fluff made yet, but I'm thinking of making them from a small red moon orbiting Cadia where good troopers are sent to be trained to become stormtroopers.. the moon would have to be covered in military fortresses and could have some sort of long range sensors to help detect warp activity from the eye of terror, thus making it an important place to defend for the Cadians and maybe one of their first lines of defense from invading fleets. Anyways back on track pictures of my guard

at first i was painting them standard colors from the codex because i couldn't find anything else i liked but eventually i figured out a nice red scheme for em online. google "Tau o'kan sept" and thats the same color scheme more or less that i used.(ditched the blazing orange and i use plenty of messy highlights before the ink wash)

(forgive if these dont work at first, its my first time trying to link stuff into a forum. since i dont know how to resize images im just going to paste the weblinks)

heres a sarge painted standard codex style

heres a chatachan sniper with green stuff camo on his rifle

Standard Bearer

Sentinel with Flamer

Basilisk "Thunderheart"

side shot

Converted rocket launcher, freind converted it using cotton and glue, not finished painting it:

group shot

and heres after i changed the color scheme:

Demolisher "Thorn"

Red armored Sentinel "Sneaky"

Stormtrooper kaskrin sarge


tell me what you think